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Sawk turns to leave the arena, stretching his old bones. Once again, he failed to find a successor...

As he prepares to walk away from the square, however, Trieu fires a barrage of Poison Stings at the elderly warrior. The needles whistle through the air as they approach their target, but as they are about to make contact, the Fighting-Type retaliates with a blistering fast Close Combat, each arm and leg thrust knocking away a Sting.
Then, as Trieu jumps forward and somersaults with a Water-charged tail, Sawk tenses his chest muscles, effortlessly Enduring the hit.

"Ah. Hello there," he greets the Skorupi casually. "Oh... oh, I'm afraid you misunderstood."

He reaches back inside his gi and pulls out the White Flute again. The fighter looks back at Trieu and gives her a tired smile.

"I've lived for many years, and battled many foes, though I reckon few as... eager as you, little one. But I am not the challenge," he says as he shows the Flute to Skorupi. "This is the challenge. The White Flute Challenge."

Sawk shifts his glance to Odysseus and then to Jormungand, and smiles. Apparently, he is happy with what he sees. The warrior then makes a motion towards the edge of Vivacious Village, and proceeds to explain what he meant earlier.

"This village was once almost abandoned. Nobody saw any reason to travel to this part of Incognito Isle; after all, what were a few mud huts when there were countless treasures to be found in every other region? I came here precisely because I enjoyed the peace and quiet," he says with a hint of melancholy. "However, more and more Pokemon took notice of my training habits; it became a curiosity, then a spectacle, and eventually my very livelihood. All thanks to this old Flute. But now... now I'm old, my bones hurt and I can no longer provide the entertainment that everyone comes to Vivacious Village to witness. But I fear that, if I just walk away, the town will become forgotten and deserted once more..."

He pats a recently-recovered Venipede on the head as it runs past them, whispering an apology for the beating before continuing.

"I've always used this White Flute to find opponents to train against. But as I grew stronger, it took more and more Pokemon to wear me down, and the whole thing eventually turned into something of a show... Nowadays Pokemon bet Berries on how many waves of foes I can defeat before tiring out, and even though I'm way past my prime, they continue to cheer me on. If only for that, I am reluctant to let the White Flute Challenge die. So if you're willing, here is what I propose for newcomers such as yourselves: play the Flute once and fight, then twice, and finally three times; if you manage to defeat each enemy that answers your call, I will award you the mantle of my succession."

Sawk holds up the White Flute proudly, then prepares it to hand it to the trio, before hesitating briefly. None of them have hands.
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