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Sandaa- Chad is ecstatic as you accept his proposal, tossing you the ball as he goes to check out his new Espurr. The pair of Pokemon wake up as he approaches. He reaches out and gives each a scratch before picking up the male. Jenny quickly rushes over to pick up the female, not wanting it to feel left out.

While the two fawn over their new Pokemon, you inspect the ball Chad had given you. You didn't notice before, but the ball wasn't a regular one. The top of the ball had a camouflage pattern on it, it appears to be a Safari Ball. Eager to see what is inside, you decide to open the ball outside, just incase whatever was in the ball decided to go on a rampage. Everyone joins you outside, eager to see what exactly was inside. You hold up the ball and release the Pokemon.

A bellow rings out and whips crack as Tauros appears on the street. The bull looks around and checks out its surroundings, unaware of where it's with and who it's with. It turns to face your group, its eyes immediately lock onto your own. It drags its front hoof against the road, cracks its whip like tails and bellows as it charges towards you. Thankfully you manage to raise the ball and recall it in time to avoid being trampled.

You received a lvl 12 Male Tauros (ability undeclared) in a Safari Ball!

"Wow that was close", laughed the bartender, "I think you're going to have to do a bit of work with that one Gary! By the way, I found this in the cellar when I went down to wake my Druddigon up, maybe you can make some use of it?" The bartender hands you a map that seemed to depict the area around Bedlam. A strange rainbow coloured mark was present in the northeast portion of the map, in the depths of the Bedlam Quarry. What exactly you would find their was unknown, but if someone took the time to map it then surely it would be worthwhile?

"We better be getting home", Grant brings Jenny in close, "I'm sure we could all use some sleep." Everyone agrees, offering their thanks once more and saying goodbye before heading in their different directions. Your Pokemon had been through a fair bit, as had you. It would likely be wise to find a Pokemon Center before heading off again.
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