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Jayson’s trio decides it’s time for a change of pace. Rather than spend any more time by the shore, they decide to take a detour and explore the nearby Vivacious Village instead.

The location, they come to find, is aptly named: despite the shoddy, unremarkable buildings (maybe one day the inhabitants could persuade some Gurdurr to lend them their steel beams for proper construction?), the town’s population seems to be out and about on the street, having fun and visibly excited about something. Trieu follows the sounds and cheers into the town square, followed closely by Odysseus and the massive Jormungand, and soon the cause for celebration becomes apparent:

A fighting arena has been built in the center of the square – or rather, a large rectangular field made of dark-red clay to contrast with the village’s lighter-tone dirt, and that’s about it. Still, it seems to serve its purpose, as a rather unique scene is playing out on the battlefield: a Sawk, visibly aged by the wrinkles on his blue skin, stands in the middle of the arena holding a flute; around him, several Venipede lie fainted, and the crowd that has gathered around the elderly fighter erupts in cheers as he delivers a powerful Karate Chop to the only worm still conscious, promptly knocking it out.

“Your applause is the greatest reward I could ask for,” says the Sawk out loud, in a clearly tired voice as he struggles to catch his breath. “But I fear I can no longer do it as quickly or as skilfully as I once did, despite your lofty praise! So I ask one more time – is this the day that my successor comes to conquer the White Flute Challenge?”

The cheering progressively dies down, until only embarrassed, hesitant whispers escape from amidst the crowd. Sawk’s question seems to have dampened the mood somewhat, and the fighter isn’t oblivious to that. He goes to put the Flute away inside his gi and turns to leave the arena, looking disheartened.

What will the trio do?
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