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Torterra’s last act of desperation was destroying its own dome to turn it into an ultimate attack – bringing down the thorny wall that protected its “heaven” from the outside world to gain a mighty weapon with which to crush the intrudes. The Frenzy Plants flailed about wildly, threatening to flatten Alice’s partners in the same way that it had the Farfetch’d. For that reason, the team realizes the urgency of setting up one final assault, before it’s too late!

Samantha is once again the first to move, but she forsakes fire in favour of a long-ranged approach – she arches her head back and belches out a wave of toxic sludge, looking to rot the tree and the heart of Torterra’s domain. The venom seeps in through the cracks and the Frenzy Plants only twist and turn more violently, indicating their owner is in deep pain.

Mimi takes much longer to regain her composure, and Nina desperately needs the Mime Jr to put her act together – the ice fox watches silently as a thorny vine suddenly comes crashing down upon them both, with a momentum that is much too strong for her to Disable quickly. It comes closer and closer, threatening to grind them to dust… but at the very last second, it collides with a powerful Barrier, sparing both Nina and Mimi! It keeps up the pressure, however, and the psychic shield begins to flicker and crack, despite the Mime Jr’s best effort… until the Plant eventually overpowers the protective dome and slams into the mimic, albeit with severely reduced force! She tumbles across the floor, while Nina manages to evade the blow, and finally her Disable seems to have an effect – suddenly, all the vines stop moving and bury back into the ground, vanishing completely!

I have had enough of you three! Why won’t you die?!

With its greatest weapon neutralized, Torterra resorts to another old tactic – summoning every single fallen leaf resting on its shell, it sends a full-blown Leaf Storm crashing down on the party! However, three insects suddenly leap out of the nearby grass: a Wurmple jumps in front of Sam, a Weedle shields Nina and a Caterpie leaps out to protect Mimi! The worms they had met earlier have finally chosen their side, and are willing to sacrifice themselves for Alice’s team!

The Leaf Storm destroys the three Bug-Types, slashing away at them over and over again. When the attack subsides, the insects lie motionless on the floor, but no harm has come to Sam, Nina or Mimi! And just as Torterra starts gathering leaves for a second Storm, Mimi employs the very last of her strength and breathes out a Mimicked Frost Breath that chills everything in its path… For a moment that feels like an eternity, everything falls silent, but at last the beast speaks.

… I yield. You win, you nuisances! You are an infection I would much rather get rid of than continue to fight. Leave me be, and I will move somewhere else, if this Rainforest means that much to you! Just… take whatever you want and go!

As it finishes speaking, a number of Pokemon that had previously been hiding in fear of retaliation from the Torterra finally walk out of their hiding places and approach the victorious trio, looking both embarrassed for their cowardice and relieved to finally be free again. They come bearing gifts, it seems, whatever they could find on Torterra’s back that might be helpful – several Venipede, Scatterbug and other insects carry a variety of Apricorns and lay them at Samantha’s feet, probably considering her the leader of the group. And a little while later, a Pidgeotto flies down from above carrying something in its talons, the most precious item it could find after scouring Torterra’s shell from above – it’s a Heart Scale!

The trio are finally allowed to leave and return to Alice, knowing that Torterra will no longer leech off of Radiant Rainforest’s resources. In time, life and harmony will return, and Pokemon will be able to rebuild their homes, safe from the titan’s tyranny. Congratulations!

*Samantha gains 3 Levels!*
*Nina gains 3 Levels!*
*Mimi gains 3 Levels!*

((OoC: You can claim your rewards on your next and final reply: 1x Heart Scale and 4x Apricorns of your choice. Hope you enjoyed it and didn’t mind some of the silliness! ^^))
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