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Passion is sometimes weakness. In this case, you bet everything on Sableye’s known love for all things precious, and pretend to agree to his request by flashing a rainbow-colored Heart Scale in its direction…

The ghost hesitates, seemingly unfamiliar with the item but captivated by the display of colors. Unable to ascertain it what you hold is a gemstone or not, it hops down from the desk and moves in closer to you, jewel eyes locked on the scale like a devoted appraiser. Finally, it stops, having curated the value of the object you hold: a gem it is not, but it could still be precious. His precious

Greed buries its claws into the Sableye, who skitters over to you with an unsettling grin and outstretched hands to receive the bribe. Mille, meanwhile, has been silently Biding her time for an attack that does not come, but that is part of your plan all along, after all – when she fails to unleash any accumulated energy, the Stufful smiles and quickly moves on to the next attack. Fluffy paws glowing with earthly energy, she leaps at the unsuspecting Sableye and stomps the unlife out of the undead, pummelling it over and over with just as much ferocity as she had done previously back in the corridor. When Mille is done, panting in fatigue, Sableye is no longer moving, reduced to a mess of purple goo speckled with shattered gems…

Snivy breathes a sigh of relief and breaks out of its characteristically stoic shell to hug your leg in gratitude, before coughing and recomposing itself, visibly embarrassed. It then points at the computer where Sableye had been, curious to find out whether or not the phantom had been bluffing after all.

You walk over and glance at the screen:

Klefkinetics ® Automated Locks System

Press the corresponding button to lock/unlock the linked mechanism:
3. Refrigeration Unit
4. Assembly Line Area 1
5. Assembly Line Area 2
6. Locker Room Area

Well, it seemed the Sableye was bluffing after all – this is no alarm program, it’s a remote lock mechanis! Snivy has its eyes glued to the screen, as if this choice is personally important…

What will you do?

*Mille gained 3 Levels!*
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