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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
(Sorry about the lack of RP on this, ABL is without comp access in Japan still and I'm super busy today)

Okiku has hatched a lv.1 female Feebas! She also knows the Egg Move Hypnosis!
"Awwwww," Mélina cooed while smiling sweetly, "welcome to the world, little girl! Don't worry, you'll be getting all the care and attention you need. For starters, I'm going to give you a very pretty name: Lucette! And secondly, you'll be going in a Pokémon that's just as pretty, too!" She pulls out a Premier Ball, then let the Feebas tap its button and swoop right in on her own.

"Thank you so much for taking care of her while she was in her egg!" the trainer bowed lightly. If ever I get my hands on another egg, I'm definitely coming back here!"


Picking up the Lv.1 Female Feebas! Thanks a bunch Sneaze! ^^
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