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Sandaa: You didn't think of yourself as a hero, but not all heroes wore capes, and that aside, you simply couldn't let Masao get into trouble. In The Mints, if he ended up isolated and injured with no way to contact anyone, he might never be found. That was how the place seemed to be painted, anyway. On a more optimistic note, Trunks was all ears and nose, so you at least had a plan for tracking.

“Thank goodness. Alright,” The first phrase was breathed with some relief. Masao was clearly concerned for his Drifblim. “Lead the way, then, little guy,” He encouraged of the vocal elephant. Still clearly considering himself a guardian of sorts, he made sure to stay less than a full step behind Trunks and a bit in front of you, eyes peeled for any unexpected signs of trouble. The Phanpy's eyes were narrowed with strong focus, rustling footsteps stomping into the muck. This strength seemed to peter a bit as you all advanced, however.

His floppy ears were twitching actively, signs that the male had definitely detected something, but the Pokemon reeled a little in disgust as his snout took in some kind of foul scent. It was the gunpowder, not that your human noses could smell it so strongly, and perhaps whatever else these creeps were handling. In time, there was sound of the villains in question, and Masao froze and placed a hand on Trunks to do the same. The guide didn't want your movements to be overheard and notify the tracked to your presence, and he gestured for the pair of you to move to a spot that was concealed. He did the same with slowness, inching over to a thick tree trunk a tiny bit ahead where there might be a view of what was going on.

“-- Well, the ghost belongs to someone.” A woman's voice said plainly. Through the foliage, her figure was tall, hair tied into a practical top knot. She had some muscle and was dressed for the mission in light camouflage coverage, “Not that it matters. We'll find some kind of buyer anyway, and if we break the bond or breed with it we'll make even more money.”
“Yeah. Well, at least that explains what a Pokemon like that was doing around here. It's not like there are kids to snatch.” A light, but more masculine tone returned. He was slightly shorter than his partner, but looked just as tough. “I know the Mints are meant to house rare Pokemon, but even I thought that was random.”

Splayed out a little bit behind them was the Drifblim, form forced down onto the ground and contained in some kind of energy field. Masao's teeth were gritted, and he looked torn on what to do next. You both had equal number in humans, but there was no telling what kind of Pokemon or other gadgets they carried at this time. What would you do?
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