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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Meetan – The Gastly was still hesitating, it was trying to decide if putting Mimi to sleep really would be a good idea. Mimi knows that there is no time to waste and uses the Gastly’s downtime to her advantage and uses a Confusion on him, throwing him around a bit. He is now completely offended that the love of his life is attacking him and also that the attack hurt so badly. Low on energy, the Gastly decides to go through with his Hypnosis and begins to let off some sleepy waves in Mimi’s direction. Her eyes are closed but she also wants to use her next attack and needs to see in order to aim it. She decides to take a chance and releases her Thunderbolt while opening only one eye slightly in order to aim. The Thunderbolt hits her target but so does the Hypnosis. The Gastly is knocked out and Mimi falls over sound asleep. (Mimi gains 3 levels) Axel wasn’t needed after all.

Still laughing, Greg returns his Gastly and says one final thing before attempting to run off. “Go ahead! It’s too late anyway! Not even I was expecting an explosion!” Greg begins to run away but Ivan reacts by immediately throwing a pokeball and releasing a large Ursaring. “Billie, grab him!” The large Ursaring has no problem snatching up Greg into a literal bear hug. “W-what the hell are you – mrph!!!” Greg’s face is now smushed into the Ursaring’s chest. Billie pays Greg no mind and just calmly stares at Ivan waiting for him to tell him what’s next. “Thank you, Billie. Now can you follow us? I want to make sure this guy doesn’t get away.” As soon as Billie nods, you are suddenly forced off your feet and are speeding away on a Pokemon’s back, which immediately reminds you of what had happened before. After you get your bearings, you realize that you are once again on the back of the Skiddo. “H-hey!! Can you at least take me along too!?” Axel has joined you for the ride but you look back and see Ivan trying to keep up and failing, he is also carrying the sleeping Mimi in his arms. The Skiddo hears him and loops around so he can hop on, he hands you Mimi and as soon as he’s up on its back the Skiddo takes off again. “Billie!! Meet us there ok!?” The Ursaring shoves Greg under an armpit and gives you guys a thumbs up with his free hand and before you know it he’s out of sight. “I’m just constantly getting separated from my Pokemon today…”

It’s not long before the Skiddo comes to a screeching halt, and just like last time you are thrown off your ride only this time Ivan’s back breaks your fall. After you roll off of him, he gets up quickly and offers you a hand. Once you’re both on your feet he looks at you with a very worried expression. “I hope you’re alright–” He doesn’t get to finish speaking before you both hear a voice. “You idiot!! What the hell were you thinking!?” Once again, the Skiddo has stopped just behind a hill so you both quietly crawl up to peer over it. No surprise there are splotches of sludge here and there. Besides that, you see a medium sized crater in the ground and an Electrode completely passed out in the center. To the right of the crater are two men you haven’t seen before and a large truck with a big trailer attached to it is in the grass not too far from them. On the opposite side of the crater you can see Joe sitting in the grass clenching his teeth and clutching his leg. Near him are two knocked out Pokemon, a Torracat and a Pancham. “He was getting in the way so I took care of it.” One of the two men speaks as he returns his Electrode to its ball. “There are other ways to take care of shit! Do you see this hole!? The boss is going to be so pissed off! Plus, there is no way that explosion isn’t going to draw attention!” The other man seems to be angry at the Electrode owner. “The boss is nothing. The one I don’t want to piss off is his wife which means we need to get out of here.” The two men begin to run to their truck. “Stop!!!” Joe yells at the top of his lungs but there is nothing he can do, there is clearly something wrong with his leg because he isn’t moving. Suddenly there is loud banging coming from inside the trailer of the truck and between bangs you can both clearly hear the cries of a frustrated Pokemon. “Tortle!!! Wartortle!!” Ivan immediately gasps. “They have Franklin!”
It had been a close call, but Mimi had narrowly taken out the Gastly. Alice was very impressed given how fresh the baby was to battling, and against a Pokemon with a partial advantage no less. She flopped over, sound asleep (to be fair, she probably needed it), but before she could go and collect Mimi, Greg had to try and get a last word in. What a prick.

"Hey, don't you fucking dar--" Before the blonde could finish, ready to order Axel to retrieve the runaway, Ivan had done it before her. Awed blue eyes admired the mighty bear, having never seen an Ursaring in the flesh and fur before. When she was younger, Alice had liked the Teddiursa line a lot. She broke out into a grin as the normal-type squashed their foe, giggling, but the noise was cut out by a sudden shriek. Skiddo had returned, a rude reminder about earlier, and Alice knew she was really going to hurt after all of this.

Axel and Ivan (thankfully with Mimi) had joined the ride, and Alice clutched onto the collar of leaves for some balance as they raced to their next stop. "It's alright, they'll catch up. Cool Pokemon, too. Wartortle and Ursaring are some faves of mine, or Teddiursa at least." She added, gaze once again on the hills in front of them. The landing this time was just as inelegant, but at least Alice had the foresight to take her glasses off and shield her face before she ended up blinded from a bad drop. Ivan helped the young woman up, and Alice secretly enjoyed the brief holding of hands, but it was time to get to business.

"I'm guessing they're poachers, but at least they're bad at their jobs." Alice murmured. Axel had showed up at her side, and she briefly pet him, partially to make herself feel better as much as it was in subtle praise for her partner. She hadn't been sure what to do until hearing Franklin, and that was when the trainer knew that they couldn't wait. "Okay, Axel. I want you to get inside that thing with teleport and help the other Pokemon break free. If it starts to move, you get straight out, you understand? No risking yourself, we can't afford to lose you, too." She reached then for another ball, releasing a small fox of snowy white fur.

"Nina, use your agility to take these guys by surprise, and use your freeze dry on them. We can't afford to let them get away." Alice said. Her Pokemon nodded, cool and calm as she moved to execute her orders. "Come on, Ivan. Keep an eye out for Billie, too, we'll get through this."
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