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The Abominable Snowdown
A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign

Town: Ironthunder, Raves, Patches, morningstar, lilbluecorsola, OkikuMew, Median Dia, CyberBlastoise, Schala, biggggg5, PikaGod, Rotom310

There was a large gathering in the town square of Galea Town. As Athena counted heads, she was moved by the number of trainers who had answered her call and travelled to the Cloud Garden to help out. Clearing her throat, she finally addressed the crowd. “Hi everyone, I’d like to thank you all for coming here! What we are about to face is on a scale too large for all of us who call this place home, so every bit of assistance does a world of good.” Many of the Galean citizens who are in attendance applauded, showing their appreciation for all of the visitors. “For those of you who help take down the Pokemon controlling the Starline Waterfall, please follow me for more details. If you wish to stay here and help the town, Jet here will organize things. Thank you!”

As Athena broke off from the gathering with a group of trainers, the ranger known as Jet stepped forward to address the remainder. “Like Athena said, thank you for coming to help. Every bit matters!” Standing next to Jet was Samuel the woodcutter who was accompanied by men and women from the town. They were each carrying a small bundle of parchment, which they began passing out to the trainers. Upon closer inspection, the trainers had been handed a map. “As I speak there is a large number of wild Pokemon sweeping across the region taking over the environment, eating crops, and destroying property. Our first task is to head up towards the Oran Orchard and save their farm from ravenous Pokemon. Here is a map of the Cloud Garden for your personal use.”

“We are located here, in the red area by the lake. The small green dot to the northwest of town is known as the Rose Garden while the thin green strip directly north is Oran Orchard. Time is of the essence, so in order to make sure we get there quickly, some of the residents here have assembled a couple of sleighs to take us to the Orchard. Samuel here will lead the way,” Jet concluded, motioning over to the woodsman. Samuel nodded, adding, “Thanks, Jet. Right this way, folks.”

After Jet finished speaking, Samuel guided the trainers down the street to the edge of town. Awaiting them were two large wooden carriages where the wheels had been replaced with long wooden blades to traverse the snow and ice. Before the two sleighs were a pair of Mudsdales that were tied up and ready to go. Because they were agricultural Pokemon, they weren’t ready to take on combat, but they were certainly strong enough to pull a carriage full of trainers. The Mudsdales didn’t seem too comfortable with the cold temperature, but were ready to do their job regardless. With twelve trainers remaining behind to assist the town, Jet had six board each carriage before they set off.

As the Mudsdales left town and trotted north, the towering trees of the Cloud Forest appeared on the horizon. Everything had been coated in a layer of bright white snow, and snowflakes continued to trickle down from above, forever replenishing an endless supply of white. Along the way they passed a few countryside houses, most of which had been submerged in snow and appeared abandoned for the time being. Some of the houses appeared to have their windows broken in, as if something had already ransacked the house. Small animal footprints in the snow seemed to confirm that suspicion.

Eventually the two carriages arrived at a quaint farm known as the Oran Orchard where they found rows and rows of berry trees ruined by the cold temperature. Several of them had even been snapped in two, as if there was a violent struggle. Accompanying the destruction was a chorus of grunts and yells coming from further in the orchard. “Quick, let’s go help them out!” Samuel called out, jumping out of one of the sleighs and onto the thick snow below. With Jet and the other trainers following in pursuit, they made their way deeper into the cluster of berry trees.

Following the sounds of heated shouting and angry screeches, the group came upon a pair of men and their Pokemon. It was none other than Adam and Isaac, the father and son of the Applewood family, and their Herdier named Lady and Miltank named Bessie. Neither Pokemon was in good condition as they were surrounded by a mob of Sneasel. Bessie darted around, trying her best to Rollout through the snow, but it was tough to gain traction against the quicker opponents and the Miltank was struggling to catch her breath.

With the new group of trainers approaching, the two farmers let out a sigh of relief while the Sneasels hissed angrily. “Thank god you’ve come!” Adam exclaimed, out of breath himself. Looking around, there appeared to be more Sneasel than the eye could count, and they were moving too fast that it would have been impossible to try. "Let’s start thinning out their numbers and then we can hopefully scare off the leftovers,” Jet called out while tossing a Pokeball. A Skarmory appeared and quickly took to the air before swooping down and hitting a Sneasel with a Steel Wing. The Sneasel shrieked in pain, which seemed to echo throughout the orchard.

The rest of the Sneasels growled in unison until a loud rustling in the trees behind them got nearer and nearer. Bursting into the clearing was a Weavile, who was chowing down on a berry in its hand. “Weav…” it hissed, looking to take charge of the situation. “That must be their leader!” Isaac called out while bending over to tend to Lady. Jet nodded in agreement. “If we can take down their leader, it might make things easier for us!” As it stared down the group of trainer, Weavile let out a menacing hiss. This bandit was a tough customer, and it appeared to have no intentions of backing down from its hoard of berries.

In order to keep things organized for us to update, please use only 1 Pokemon in combat at a time and order up to no more than 3 attacks at a time. Reminder: this campaign will be updated every weekend around Saturday/Sunday, so if you are unable to reply in time do not worry. There is no penalty for missing an update; simply reply to the latest update to keep up with the plot. Please reply in Paleturquoise
Mélina squee as Samuel led them to the Mudsdale-pulled sleds. The Kalosian couldn't help exclaiming aloud “C’est comme ŕ la cabane ŕ sucre!”* Although she was very understanding with the situation, she was a little disappointed that she couldn't bring out all her Pokémon for the ride; so she settled by calling back in their respective Pokéballs all but the excitable Lune who, to the Eevee’s joy, sat on her trainer's lap along for the trip to the orchard.

Arrived at the garden of berry trees, the predicament was as clear as can be: it was ravaged down by a clan of Sneasel led by a Weavile. Fallen tree trunks down into pieces, half-eaten berries scattered all over the snow… it wasn't a pretty sight, especially as the place felt being lovingly taken care of. Mélina grumbled under her breath that such hard work didn't deserve to be attacked like this… but was glad to join up and help at least stop the raid.

As she took her place within the whole group of helpers and watched as many yelled our their orders, she now realized this was her first time participating in a battle side to side with other trainers. “Well, there's a first to everything,” she first thought, but then wondered why most were more working solo instead of working as a team. After listening in on a few more battle strategies, she hypothesized that since both the Sneasel and the helpers were such a large group, it would be more simple and efficient to concentrate on one-on-one battling. Even then, Mélina figured a way she could help out everyone, or at least help someone who can…

“Ok! Let's move Lune!”

“'Vee!” the fluffy Pokémon barked in acknowledgement.

”Lock oooooooon…” the trainer hesitated, looking for a Sneasel that seem not involved in a fight yet. She found one, then pointed at it. “thaaaat one, and Attack it with a slap of… Sand? Snow? Whatever works, just try and blind it! Then go for a Swift attack! Finally…” the woman’s gaze and pointer finger shifted towards the Lunatone who, by its trainer's strategy, was trying to hold a Trick Room on the battlefield, “give a Helping Hand to this fella, would you? Helping it hold that room up will help everyone!”

*It’s just like at the sugar shack!

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