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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Abandoned Pumpkin Cure Facility:

Okikumew: Confident with your inventive strategy, the first thing you do is cause an electric pulse to be sent throughout the place. Some of the equipment turns on briefly before it turns back off again, and you use the power of magnets to cause things to rise into the air. There aren't many magnetic things in this place that are of importance, and you're a little worried at the number of scapels you have caused to rise into the air, but you see something really interesting levitating. It's a metal hook with a mask on it. You point it out for your Pokemon to grab, and after they navigate the labyrinth of equipment and ingredients, they eventually bring it to you. It looks like its the kind of mask a Plague Doctor would wear, and something about it makes you want to take it and bring it home. Putting it in your bag, you motion to leave, having found something interesting from this place after all.

You gained the Plague Doctor Mask!

Plague Doctor Mask: Significantly increases the damage poison you inflict does on the opponent and slightly increases your speed and damage if you are poisoned or burned.

Thank you everyone for participating, and remember CONSUME THE PUMPKINS EAT THE PUMKINS.
Well, this is a lot better than I expected from my strategy! I know some people who would be jealous

Picking up the Plague Doctor Mask! Thanks Emi! ^^
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