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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
A stroll into the Hatchery has become almost like a stroll into a second home, as the employees buzzing about greet by name with a smile, now more than used to seeing you at this point. Doctor Grossman can be found already waiting in the incubation room for you, doing a bit of cleanup of a variety of eggshells that have been left amongst the incubators. Pomona waits patiently for you by her decently large egg, and almost the moment you glance at it does it begin to crack slightly at the top before the red scaled face of a dragon pops out. The rest of the egg waits to crack until the dragon shifts and causes it to smack against the walls of the incubator repeatedly to force the rest open, the creature climbing out happily and clamboring over to its mother. A bit slower than usual with his camera, the doctor doesn't quite catch the initial hatch, but manages to get a few good shots of the warm embrace that follows before jotting down notes on the clipboard that had been attached to the incubator itself and handing the page over. "I trust you know the drill by now. Signature on the dotted line and he's all yours."

Keith has hatched a lv.1 male Druddigon!

You manage to follow the owner of Sarkan's first new offspring into the Hatchery just in time to see the first of the two eggs hatch and go running off to its mother, and Sarkan is made to sit and wait as Doctor Grossman takes the usual pictures and fills out forms for the owner before finally turning to you. "Greetings, greetings!" the doctor calls out as he ushers you to the second egg, tucked away towards the back of the room. "That Salamence of yours sure was a piece of work, you know. Watching over both her own egg as well as that of a mating rival really is something." Laughing for a moment he checks the temperature on the incubator as he jots down on the clipboard, "luckily that Ivysaur was kind enough to put her to sleep so she wasn't a risk to the employees when we had to take the egg." Finishing messing with the incubator he grabs a flashlight to shine on the egg to make sure it's fully matured inside before giving it a light tap and peeling away the shell bit by bit. It's not long before a fully clawed arm reaches out of the new hole, swiping at the man and causing him to back up a bit before the rest of the egg cracks and the arm rips it away to reveal the already chomping maw of the dragon within. "Hahaha! Almost got me there!" The doctor looses a brief belly laugh before carefully inspecting the hatchling and making notes. "Alright Hyrem, just give us a signature and she's all yours."

Hyrem has hatched a lv.1 female Druddigon! She also knows the following Egg Moves:

- Fire Fang
- Thunder Fang
Keith couldn't help but smile, for as he entered the incubation room, Pomona's face lit up with a happy smile as she waved a vine, beckoning Keith to come and see. The Ivysaur was happy, and with abundant reason to be so- the previous weeks had been eventful and enjoyable, and she didn't just mean the intimate moments she spent with Sarkhan, either. She'd found a new friend in Wendy, as well, and now, the perpetually perky Ivysaur was about to become a mother. And an aunt, for that matter, for Wendy's Egg was about to hatch as well.

Keith watched as cracks formed in the Egg's shell. The first they could see of Pomona's child was the red face. The rest didn't become visible until the hatching dragon actively slammed its own Egg into the incubator walls, basically forcing the rest of the shell to crack and crumble. And in that moment, Pomona finally saw her son for the first time.

It was not something Keith ever would have expected to see, Pomona's newborn son already being bigger than his own mother. Hell, until a few weeks ago, Pomona would never have expected it, either. But in no way did this diminish the heartwarming nature of the event, if the way the mother and son embraced for the first time was any indicator. Keith smiled, trying to not shed tears at this sight. He nodded to Dr. Grossman, and signed the paper he was handed- it was becoming almost second nature to Keith by this point.

Before long, Pomona was leading her son over to Keith. Now it was the Poison-type Trainer Druddigon was eyeing. And likewise, Keith was eyeing the Druddigon. He'd never actually looked one up on his Pokédex before, despite having seen a few over the years, Sarkhan included. He dug out his Pokédex and scanned the newborn with it.

"Druddigon, the Cave Pokémon. A Dragon-type," droned the device. "Druddigon uses its wings to absorb sunlight in order to warm up its body, but cannot use the wings to fly. It stops moving if its body temperature falls."

Keith gave Druddigon a smile, meeting the Dragon-type's gaze unflinchingly. It was tough to say exactly what was going through the Cave Pokémon's young mind. And then, he glanced questioningly down at his mother, who gave a reassuring smile and nod. Now betraying a bit of a smile himself, Druddigon looked back at Keith and hugged him. Keith hugged the Druddigon back- not only happy to meet his newest Pokémon and Pomona's son, but also happy that the newborn's Ability did not seem to be Rough Skin. Elseways, that hug would have hurt.

"Welcome to our family, Druddigon," Keith smiled. "I'm Keith- I'm your Trainer."

"Druuuuud," Druddigon replied with a friendly growl.

"So, Pomona," Keith added, turning to the Ivysaur who was now a proud mother. "We got a name for him?"

"Saur!" Pomona nodded. Knowing full well the necessity of doing so, the Ivysaur turned her attention to Meowth and spoke to him directly, the better for him to translate.

"Pomona says dat his name's comin' from da name fer da large-leaved dragon tree," Meowth translated.

"Heh, sounds fitting, all things considered," Keith chuckled. "What's his name to be, then?"

"Aletri," replied Meowth.

"Aletri, hmm?" said Keith, turning back to the Dragon-type. "So that's your name, then, Aletri?"

"Drud! Druddi!" Aletri roared his approval.

"Saur~" Pomona beamed happily, hugging her son with her vines once more.

"Well, then, that settles it," Keith smiled. He would put Aletri into a Premier Ball, exit the Hatchery, and go to introduce him to the rest of the team. He would go and do all that... but not just yet. Right now, Wendy's Egg was about to hatch, and it was agreed all around that Aletri should be there to see his sister hatch.

OOC: Collecting my male Druddigon in this Premier Ball (#3 of 5), naming him Aletri, and declaring his Ability to be Sheer Force.
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