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Maskerade: Kyuki found comfort in the cold, but not enough to lessen his sorrow for the Onix's plight; even as the Abra almost floated on. It was a good thing that his words went unheard by the grieving mother, who might have attempted to take out the reincarnated god for his insensitive remarks. Her eyes opened, sobs a little quieter as the duo joined forces to try and shatter the tomb and release the rocky child, but the very faint hope in the Steelix's eyes faded away.

Their attacks had barely left scratches.

"There's nothing you can do to free him," The beast sobbed, shaking her head, muscles visibly rolling in their slots, "It's happening all over the mountain. The Pokemon who are frozen by the Mother of the Snow are stuck like this forever, she'll haunt and hunt until we're all just statues!" The mourning mother bellowed, this eerie conclusion echoing around the mountainside until all that was left was the relentless storm and her sounds of sadness, "You should go back, or it'll happen to you, too. All three of you..."

It seemed Kami's concern might have been correct. The other two had used rather taxing abilities when there was at least one dangerous adversary roaming their path, and it had taken out Pokemon greater than them. With this in mind, what do they do?
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