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Maskerade: There was a silent, but nonetheless heated, conflict between the company as to their next move. Kyuki didn't seem to mind whatever route they took, so long as they actually made it to the mountain top, which would have suited Jin's plan just fine. As it was, Kami's word was law, and if that meant that Kyuki's journey failed to suit his interests... Well. So much for protecting the pack.

The trio went on, and the sight that they discovered betrayed the horror that the air seemed to hold. It was a Steelix, almighty in stance, its metallic body coated in snow and ice. The Pokemon was sobbing over a tall, mishapen slab of ice, and upon closer inspection an Onix could be seen entombed. There were scratches all over, as if the Steelix might have attempted to break it open, but to no avail. Her baby was trapped.

The creature's rumbling cries paused when the party approached, and she swung slowly to face them. At first, Steelix looked alarmed, but then seemed to settle and return to mourning her child, "You three don't look like you come from here..." The Pokemon rumbled sadly, "You would be better off going back down the way you came. There's nothing but loss and suffering left up here!"

The ground shakes and some snow spills down onto the path. Steelix seems to worsen. What will they do?
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