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Sandaa: Shoes were definitely a good place given the terrain, as one's feet would soon be shredded by the debris of stones, wood splinters, crunchier leaves and whatever else would plague your every step. Light clothing helped fend against the sweltering heat, although the tree canopy's shade did ease that a little compared to the more open beach. Trunks was happier for the change of scenery, too, and felt far safer inland, enjoying the scents that filled his keen nostrils and the familiar sounds of wildlife.

"You can find all sorts of Pokemon here. Fewer species of certain water types, since they tend to prefer the mainland because of the beach, lakes and valleys," Masao began, "But a lot of Pokemon will actually come this way to breed since they know the Pokemon won't disturb them, and there are less Pokemon like Koffing and Grimer this way that sometimes pop up there, but we do have poison types that prefer more foresty environments like bugs, Ekans and Seviper. Grass types and fairy types love it here." He added, "Honestly, I could go on forever. It's so difficult to get a full exploration of this place it's hard to know every single species here, especially with tourists who might release their Pokemon who then go on to breed, this kind of data changes all the--"

Bang! Trunks stopped dead in his tracks, trumpeting from shock. It was hard to know the exact distance that the noise came from, but the sound of what might have been a gunshot rang across the woodland; echoing from miles around. "Drifblim, are you alright?!" Masao shouted out, voice surprisingly loud, "... Drifblim? Drifblim!" He was obviously expecting some kind of signal or answer, if not for the ghost type to make its presence known to the three of you, and the guide's expression changed to something of worry. "Poachers can be a problem here, though. A lot of them get lost and learn their lesson, but they still cause some damage before they get caught and make these Pokemon even more wary or hostile of humans. I'm sorry, I know you came here for a pleasant tour but that's going to have to wait. Feel free to explore the coast or not go too far inland without me, alright? But it might be safer to go somewhere else for now and I'll make it up to you later."

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