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Maskerade: You leave your party behind with well wishes and prayers, hoping that Dialga would watch over them, and the trio peer up to the mountain's peak. It's high and foreboding, the wind howling in the ears louder than any Lycanroc could pitch, and the ice is biting and ferocious. Surely even Kami, in his infinite knowledge, might find his mortal vessel struggling in these conditions. Regardless, Kyuki takes the charge by a couple of steps, hers the only prints visible in the snow as psychic companions float after her in the approach to the Fjord's mountain trail.

With no mark, the sky cloudy and mist hanging low and thick, it's impossible for them to know the amount of time that passed but the pull for Kyuki is magnetic and with every moment she felt it more. Only, that isn't the only thing the fox felt and Kyuki also wasn't the only one to sense it: there was something in the air, something wrong, something bad--

Visibility might have been an issue for the female, but for the other two, their psychic senses can pick up things others can't. Beyond the veil, a great and long shadow looms on the scaling mountain path, and if the psychics attempted to pick up on anything they would immediately feel sorrow and distress from whatever monster waited ahead. Did they dare press on to discover what was before them, or would they attempt to find another way to whatever called for Kyuki?
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