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Emi: You were so wrapped up in trying to figure out what to do that you hadn’t noticed Remilia being called a spaz. Remi did, though, so she not only used confusion to try and push Shellder into the fire, but she did it out of resentment. It was a strong blast, too, and the boy gasped as his Pokemon finally did hit the flames. It wasn’t very effective, but it rolled itself out and onto its back from fright, and was also now suffering a burn. Remilia gained 1 level!

“Oh no, Shellder! You can do this, just spin yourself upwards, get it together Shell!” The boy cried, and he seemed genuinely concerned for his companion. The flailing Shellder spun, struggling to get itself off the ground, but it managed, doing some acrobatics to get itself the right way up, using its tongue to help. It practically took a whole turn just to sort itself out, and with all of this effort, it was clearly tired. “Don’t worry, we can still do this! Use water gun!”

In the background, Sophia was raising her brows, glancing to the team leader with a condescending expression. Neither of them seemed impressed with the boy’s performance, although the bigger guy was quite happy to watch him fail, at least. Whether or not you’d missed anything important remained to be seen, but Remilia was poised to win this fight so long as the boy didn’t have any aces up his sleeve. What do you do?

PikaGod: You realised that you had to go and find that Ducklett, leaving without so much as a word of gratitude to the two concerned men. Wow, rude. You’d think your job might have drilled at least pretence of manners into you. Still, letting your Pokemon know they’re awesome (the Bounsweet looked unconvinced), you follow the directions given until Speaker spots something ahead: some random healing items dropped in the sand, a small trail of wrappers, other miscellaneaous items like a deodorant can—it’s the trail from the bag that the Ducklett might have left; as well as edges of footprints, and the obvious trail of a dragged bag.

Enthused, the three of you decide to pursue it, taking note of the occasional blue feather that you spot along the way. You don’t need Whismur’s hearing to detect the grumblings of some irritated people crowded round what looked like a sunburnt corpse, mouth hanging dryly open as a small crowd looted them for all they were worth. Another was heading your direction, sort of, picking up the remains of the bag.

“Fucking Ducklett…” The woman complained, scowling as she packed the contents into her own backpack, which looked more expensive than she could afford. The Pokemon itself was nowhere to be found, but there were your culprits. Now, what do you do?[/color]

Sandaa: “Well, I may as well, I’m here!” Masao replied cheerily, obviously not burdened at all by your request. Before you both could talk further, there was a burst of light, and your newest companion made himself known. Unsurprisingly, it was a bit concerned about Feralgatr, but it looked as if the predator was gone, and so the Phanpy returned to its noisy, upbeat self. “Oh, well, sure! I definitely can’t say no now! Right this way!”

The trainer made a gesture to his Drifblim, whose response echoed spookily over the summer wind, and Masao led you both a bit more up the beach before finally delving past the tree line. “Just be careful going through here and let me know if you don’t think you’re dressed well for it. There’s a lot of hidden gems to be found in the Mints, more than we could get to in a day or two, but there’s a reason this place hasn’t ever been civilised. There are a lot of strong Pokemon here, and the terrain can get unpredictable and dangerous, especially when the weather is bad.”

There’s a beauty to be found in that, though. Unlike the beach you had come from, man had yet to spoil this place, and everything had flourished as a result. The sounds of Pokemon were audible all around you, birds singing from their nests and bugs buzzing and the like. Trunks would likely feel very at home in this place, especially if there were more earthy foundations to be discovered. If you had any questions or desires, now was the time to speak up, so long as you could keep up! What do you do?

Rotom10: Of all the places you had thought you might venture, Minnao Isles wasn’t on that list. You were a roamer, one with a turbulent life, and for that being able to just bask in the rays and play your tunes was a break that quite frankly the world owed you. Arietta, your Swablu, was getting some good rest from it, and the glorious sands were a fine alternative to a jail cell.

The area was a tourist trap, though, and even if you had set yourself a bit to the side, there were multiple eyes on your from where said crowds had settled themselves. Heck, a few people had you on record, which probably wasn’t the best for a potential fugitive, but that was that now. One of those eyes included a Pokemon, although you hadn’t noticed it yet, as it had waddled up a bit behind you, derpy expression irate.

Blam! There was a sudden, firey strike that singed blonde bangs and Arietta was flung from her sleepy roost with a shocked squawk. Fluffy wings flapped to gather herself, tidy feathers of azure and snow now awry with sand. Peering beyond the trunk and clump of grass, in the shade, was a rather peeved Lotad who clearly wasn’t fond of your musical choice (or maybe just presence in general, you arrogant little artsy… Thing!). It wants you off its territory, you damn kid, and if you won’t move your pretty little booty, it’ll move it for you. So, what’ll it be?

Lil’twick: Seeing the Frillish land on the wood, you internally had to laugh. Your soul was already forfeit, so pruning it from your animated corpse was likely to cause an ethereal, legal dispute – or maybe tear it in half. Fifty fifty was better than a hundred to zero, right? Focusing more on the battle at hand, you knew that Wisp might have trouble against a watery foe and that Yukie wasn’t really prepared for this sort of fight. Time for your trump card, then.

A third Pokemon on show for the sailors, who had their hands on their poles but their eyes on your prize and the contestants: a Mareep, who bleated as they arrived on the deck. This would be Parker’s first solo show, but you were confident that he had it in the bag, and all of the moves you called were advantageous against a more watery ghost. The little sphere on his tail flashed before consistently lighting up, wool sparking before waves of blue electricity aimed for the Frillish: only for the creature to elegantly twirl out of the way, allowing the sparks to catch along the bars before petering out. Welp. The shock wave was more accurate at least, the Frillish exerting a startled cry, fair smile turning upside down and brows creasing with displeasure.

Parker lowers his head, readying a charge, but the Pokemon prepared her own moves, too. As the ram made for her, its momentum was slowed by an absorb attack, and the blow itself curbed as Parker was struck by a night shade. Both were weak, and the absorb was especially weak next to the damage being done. Both Pokemon were up against the railing until Frillish phased through, swirling off into the middle of the field, prying some more health from the Mareep in the process. The battle appeared to be going in your favour, but appearances can be deceiving… What do you do next?
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