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You decide to chase after the injured Sableye, lest it triggers an alarm that sends every enemy in the factory after you. For now, you hold the element of surprise and that is still the one advantage you have over whoever has made the employees hostage – an edge you don’t care to lose just yet. To that effect, you send Snivy ahead, while you and Mille follow behind at your own, slower pace.

The Grass-Type dutifully runs down the hallway after the runaway phantom, moving so quickly that, by the time you’ve made it to the middle of the corridor, Snivy is already taking a left turn after the Sableye, disappearing from sight.

By the time you reach the end of the tunnel yourself, you find yourself at another fork on the path – the current hallway ends, giving place to a perpendicular one with a metal door on each end. The one to your right appears locked for now, while the left one is open and you can see Sableye and Snivy inside, so that’s where you decide to go.

Passing through the entrance, you reach a relatively small room. All four walls are lined with cylindrical glass tanks, each filled to the top with saltwater and containing around a dozen Finneon lazily swimming inside. This must be where they store the fish to be cooked and canned later in other rooms of the factory…

At the center of the room are four desks, each with a desktop computer on them. Snivy is standing motionless a few feet away from you, hesitating to take another step, while Snivy sits in front of one of the laptops with one hand hovering ominously above the keyboard and the other turned to you, with an outstretched palm.

You can’t be certain, since you can’t see the screen from where you’re standing, but it seems the ghost is attempting to blackmail you. Either you offer it something, or it will set off the alarm through the computer… Will you take the risk and call its bluffing, or do you prefer to play it safe and pay the bribe?



The old man hears you out (hopefully, anyway; he could be deaf as door if apparent age is anything to go by) with a silly grin plastered on his face. When you agree, that eerie smile only grows wider, and he holds out a bony hand for a deal-sealing handshake.

Keh, you give the old ticker too much credit if you think I’d pull a stunt like that… What I need is down there,” he says pointing at the water.

“See, my knees aren’t keeping up with my youthful spirit anymore. Well, they hurt. And there are some algae at the bottom of the sea right around here that work wonders on my hinges!” he chuckles. “Thing is… Tortus here is allergic to some other things that are down there as well, so he can’t go get ‘em for me. That’s where you come in! Water’s still somewhat shallow down here, so all you gotta do is fetch me those algae and I’ll share my secret!”

You look around the S.S. Shipwreck; you can’t see the bottom from where you are, but it stands to reason that, the further away from shore you go, the deeper the water will be. And despite the Gashi’s eerie vibe that still hasn’t gone away, you can’t help but wonder if helping out an old man with bad knees in exchange for an edge in the competition is that bad of a deal.

So? Are creepy old Gashi and his offer worth going for a swim? Or will you manage in the competition on your own after all?
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