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Missingno. Master – It was all going so well. The Kricketot was understanding what you were trying to tell it and your plan to just go in and tell the truth certainly seemed to be the right choice. Of course, things were going too smoothly and you were apparently being watched. Before you knew it you were being set up and a very big misunderstanding with the Pokemon around you began. Although the Kricketot is waiting for Miror to attack, that attack doesn't happen and it begins to get even more frustrated as it stands there waiting for moves that never come. You begin to explain the situation once again, this time to both the Kricketot and the Rattata. Once again, the Kricketot is showing that they believe your story and the Rattata stands down for the time being but seems to be flip flopping back and forth over whether to believe you or not because it’s still eyeing up that berry.

Dudley had a slow start when it came to making his way over to the tree but Kenny got him moving faster with a nice hard chomp on the tail. Fortunately, whatever Pokemon was in the tree was laughing so hard that it didn’t hear your plan to Headbutt it out. Despite the slight delay, Dudley Headbutts the tree which allows you to get a glimpse at what you’re dealing with. An Aipom somewhat falls from the tree! Only somewhat because it manages to catch itself when it’s tail grabs onto a branch. However, it may not have heard you tell Dudley to Headbutt it out of the tree but it most definitely heard your second attempt at explaining yourself. “Aipom! Pom pom!” While hanging upside down and with a huge grin plastered on its face it begins to tell you, so that everyone can hear, that you just need to buy it only a little more time so that it can get the rest of the Nanab Berries you need. And with that, it simply pulls itself back up and into the tree while making sure to stay out of all of the other Pokemon’s reach.

The Kricketot before you is basically seeing red now. It is absolutely furious that it fell for your trickery twice. As far as the Kricketot and Rattata are concerned, that Aipom is yours and you sent it here to take all of the Nanab Berries this place has left for yourselves. In fact, they were starting to believe this place didn’t have any berries left but the one in your hands proves that that is not the case. The Kricketot is extra angry now, not only was it tricked twice, you are also the owner of the very Pokemon that violently threw it out of the tree. Its emotions build and build until suddenly it begins to glow bright and transform right before your eyes. Once the light goes away, it shows that the Pokemon has evolved into Kricketune! The Rattata is also annoyed with this situation but is trying to figure out what it wants to do, normally it would get help from friends but that would mean sharing the Nanab Berry when they get their hands on it and it certainly doesn’t want that.

While the Rattata collects it’s thoughts, the Kricketune is done standing around. It kicks off the ground and goes straight for Miror who, although it’s not the Rattata doing the attacking, decides this is probably a good time to use Cotton Guard anyway. The Kricketune connects with Fury Cutter and slashes at Miror 3 times before bouncing back and Growling to show that now it’s serious. Miror was able to defend against the attack a bit but it’s clear that Kricketune is going to most likely be coming back in for more any second. The Rattata hasn’t made a move yet but looks thoughtful. Meanwhile, you continue to hear suppressed laughter in the tree.


myahoo – You listen as Samuel does his best to help you out with your Pidgey search. Once you hear about the Cloud Shrine, that is where you decide you should set your sights as your next destination. After your mind is made up, you know that you will need to beat a trial in order to get to it so you let Samuel know your plans. “I see! That is a great choice!” Samuel has a big toothy grin on his face, it’s clear that he is genuinely happy to have someone challenge him. “Well, we’re going to need to go back outside for this one. We’re going to be doing this trial out back, I’ll lead the way!” He opens the front door then steps outside and holds the door for you. Once you’re outside he shuts it tight and begins to lead you around his cabin to the back. As you both make your way around, he begins to explain what you’ll be doing.

“So for my trial we will be having a log cutting competition. I have the perfect log out back for such an occasion too!” he chuckles as he thinks about it. “This is going to be a 3 vs 3 competition, we will each have 3 Pokemon who are to work together to get the job done. Each round, there will be one Pokemon doing the cutting and the other two Pokemon will either defend their cutter or attack the opposing team’s cutter. There can only be one Pokemon cutting at a time but you may switch out which Pokemon is doing the cutting at the beginning of each round.” As he finishes explaining the basics you finally reach the place where all of this will be going down. There is a very thick and long log laying across the ground. It is perfectly symmetrical from end to end, it’s clear that Samuel chopped off any roots and branches that made it uneven. Once you arrive, Samuel reaches for 3 pokeballs on his belt and releases each of the Pokemon that were resting inside.

“Now it’s time to introduce your competition! This here is Odachi the Lurantis.” The Lurantis looks at you and blinks a few times. “And here we have Gladius the Kabutops.” Gladius nods his head toward you in acknowledgement. “And that one over there is Reaper the Scyther!” Reaper had already separated from the others and ran all the way to the far end of the log where Samuel’s team will be fighting. “He really loves these trials.” Samuel chuckles at his Scyther’s eagerness. “Well, you and your Pokemon can have this end of the log since it seems that Reaper has already chosen which end my team is going to be on. Whenever you’re ready, go ahead and send out whichever Pokemon will be taking part in this trial and we can start! Also, you may issue 2 commands to each of your Pokemon per round as well.”

Samuel walks over to his Scyther and his other two Pokemon follow. “Alright everyone, you’re all going to wait until your opponent is ready but once they are, Odachi you’re going to go ahead and start as the cutter in the first round. You’re going to use your Fury Cutter on that log and follow that up with X-Scissor.” The Lurantis takes its place facing the log. He then turns toward his Scyther. “Reaper, you’re going to try and attack their cutter. You’ll get in there with a Quick Attack and then Slash them for a critical hit!” Reaper nods and gets into position. Lastly, he tells his Kabutop’s what his strategy will be. “Gladius, I’m going to have you stand back and defend Odachi. We don’t know what the opponent might try so do your best to block them and use your Harden to absorb any hits and then use Mega Drain to regain any health you’ve lost!” Gladuis nods and also gets into position. Now all of the Pokemon watch carefully as you decide your own strategy.

Trial Specifics:
Objective: A 3 vs 3 competition where one Pokemon attempts to saw through a fallen log while the other two may either defend the Cutter or attack the opposing team’s Cutter. First team to successfully cut through the log wins.
Rules: Issue commands to your Cutter to saw through the log. Alternating attacks will hone your technique while repeating attacks will dull your technique. The two battling Pokemon may attack the opposing team’s Cutter, or defend your Cutter from the opposing team’s Battlers. Cutters may not battle while they are cutting. Once per update you are permitted to shift roles between Cutter and Battler at the beginning of your turn.
Competition Field Description: In a small clearing in the forest, a large fallen tree rests on the ground. It has already had the roots and the branches sawed off, forming a perfectly cylindrical log. Cutters must cut on opposing ends of the log, about 20 feet apart. A dense forest of trees surrounds the area.

Meetan – Once again you are finding yourself in a situation that seems to be slowly getting more and more complicated by the second. The good news is that this time you’re not alone. Ivan is doing his best to act cheerful in front of you but it’s clear that this whole thing has him a little bit on edge also. Greg is yelling about sludge like a maniac and Joe ran away in order to go find his Mudbray. It’s also clear that Greg is working to stall you guys but either way you can’t really just walk away to find out what he’s stalling for either so you’re stuck playing his little game.

First, you quickly give Mimi a strategy to deal with the disgusting tongue of that Gastly. After hearing the plan she takes a deep breath in order to help herself become brave and she stops running. Immediately turning around toward the incoming tongue and when it was only mere millimeters away from making contact she uses her Confusion just as she was told and forces the tongue back inside of the Gastly’s mouth. The Pokemon gives Mimi an annoyed look and knows that something else is coming so it decides to Protect itself. Mimi’s Thunderbolt doesn’t even touch the Gastly, it’s almost as if it went right through him. Satisfied, the Gastly sticks its tongue back out and this time it goes toward Mimi even faster than before and in a panic she uses Attract as it comes at her. Hearts swirl around the ghost and his tongue only makes contact with Mimi for a split second before he pulls away because of sudden guilt, fortunately, the Lick attack didn’t hurt too bad because she Filtered the effects. The Gastly seems to be dealing with an internal struggle now and also seems to be having a hard time making eye contact with Mimi, each time he does his cheeks blush a bit. (Mimi gains 1 level) Who knew ghosts could blush?

Greg seems to pay no mind to Gastly’s current predicament at the moment because he is more focused on the Sludge his other Pokemon are making. You briefly tell Ivan what you’ve figured out and that you both need to hurry this up. “I couldn’t agree with you more.” He smiles at you and then both of you issue orders to each of your Pokemon. Franklin is continuing to Spin Rapidly in order to cut through any Sludge that may get in Axel’s way. This is perfect because Franklin is creating enough of an opening for Axel to get up close and personal with those Trubbish. Axel quickly gets in there and turns his tail into iron and smashes into one of the Trubbish with his Iron Tail. The attack was perfectly aimed too and the Trubbish flies into the other Trubbish and they both tumble away. Now that the Trubbish have been thrown, Franklin stops spinning since it’s no longer necessary. Axel then uses Zen Headbutt on one of the Trubbish and attempts to throw it into the other again but the other has grown used to that strategy and dodges. Without skipping a beat, Axel goes right up to the Trubbish he just attacked and repeatedly Thunder Punches it while it’s down. “Franklin, help Axel out and use Aqua Tail!” Ivan has been watching as the other Trubbish was getting ready to knock Axel away from its friend. Franklin knows exactly what to do and uses Aqua Tail on the loose Trubbish and smacks it right into Axel’s aim. The Thunder Punches continue onto the second Trubbish too and before you know it, both Trubbish have been KOed. (Axel gains 4 levels) Before any of you can react to the victory though, something happens that completely grabs everyones attention.

BOOM!!! The sound of a loud explosion roars through the air and the ground shakes as if an earthquake is passing through. You struggle to keep your balance but you manage. Once the shaking stops you can see that Ivan’s hands are at his sides shaking in tight fists, his knuckles white. “Th-That explosion… It sounded like it came from the direction that Joe ran to get Tank…” Ivan’s voice cracks as he admits to himself that something really bad may have just happened to his partner. Suddenly, Franklin who is so worried he can’t even stand it, takes off running in the direction of the explosion. “Franklin don’t!!!! Stop, it’s dangerous!!!” Ivan instinctively begins to run after his friend while pulling out a pokeball and attempting to return him in order to stop him but the beam of light from the ball never reaches the turtle Pokemon as he disappears over a hill. Ivan stops running because he knows that right now you two can’t get separated for both of your safety.

Greg is laughing hysterically, to him this whole thing is just a game. “Don’t forget about me! You may have taken down my Trubbish but that’s not all I’ve got! Gastly–” He cuts himself off when he finally notices his ghost type. The ghastly is completely red cheeked and drooling as he stares at Mimi with hearts in his eyes. “… Oh jeez.” Greg sighs and returns his two Trubbish as he thinks, it’s clear he has figured out what’s up with his Gastly just by looking at him. “Gastly, use your Hypnosis on that Mime Jr. I know you have feelings for her but think about it, she seems to be easily scared and if she’s asleep she won’t have to be scared anymore!” He decides to word his strategy in such a way that it will hopefully convince the Gastly to not hold back and it looks like it’s working since the Gastly is clearly pondering something. At this point Ivan has returned to your side and is staring down Greg so hard that if looks could kill he’d certainly be dead. Ivan also has one of his hands hovering over one of the pokeballs on his belt but he’s waiting. Looks like Ivan is waiting for you to decide what you’re going to do next so that he can back you up. It's clear that he would rather be running after his friend and Pokemon right now but he is also refusing to leave you alone with Greg.
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