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Median Dia – As soon as your eyes adjusted you knew you had to jump back into action. You quickly directed Miapladicus to join up with Louise. The Staryu jumped in the air and Spun Rapidly across the playing field. Godzilla watched with an open mouth as it soared above him. Louise nodded in understanding as her partner landed steadily next to her. Miapladicus gathered up its energy and launched a torrent of water straight at Carbink, who was sent twirling away from the flag. It landed upside down next to Madoka, who fretted over it as she realized it had been knocked unconscious.

Berue watched as Lunatone floated above. It was looking back and forth, trying to find where it was most needed. At your command, she released a thick red powder that spread through the air. Particles of it landed on Lunatone’s rocky surface and its mood changed almost immediately. It let out a cry and surrounded itself with Cosmic Power. Using its psychic powers, it lifted several rocks from the ground and threw them at Berue with Psyshock. Berue struck them away with Vine Whip, which blew the Rage Powder even further. It hit Madoka’s Larvitar square in the face, which caused him to explode into a loud tantrum. He began to run from his place behind the Stone Lantern to Berue and the flag, baring its sharp mouth to Bite.

Louise spent her time focused on the Midnight Lycanroc. She easily lifted several rocks from the ground and tossed them toward Lulu. Her opponent easily dodged two of the rocks, but missed the third that hit her hard in the stomach. Lulu let out a yelp. Though it wasn’t very effective, the attack had knocked the wind out of her. Louise had a solution to that, and blasted her with a sparkling Fairy Wind. As Lulu gasped, she breathed some of the attack in, which caused her to cough violently. The Lycanroc was down for now, and Berue was kept busy with both Lunatone and Larvitar. What will be your final move?

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