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Originally Posted by Gemini Spark View Post
OkikuMew: 97 --> 105

OkikuMew: Please specify what FC tier of Staff Rewards you're getting candies from next time. Thanks!

~Mélina's Candy Stash~

Previous Balance: 105 candies

23/10: x1 Candy from weekly pickup
30/10: x1 Candy from weekly pickup
30/10: x4 Candy from Marécage Noir's Halloween Event
06/11: x1 Candy from weekly pickup
13/11: x1 Candy from weekly pickup

31/10: x1 Candy to level up Starlette (Cosplay Pikachu) from Lv.21 to Lv.22
31/10: x3 Candy to level up Glitch (Porygon) from Lv.20 to Lv.23

New Balance: 109 candies

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