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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Raves- With Jake off blending in, you decide it is best to start at the bar. A well dressed man with a neatly kept goatee greets you as you approach, you ask for a beer and the bartender quickly whips out a tankard, holding it under the tap he feels it to the top, a thick head of foam forms atop the amber liquid. You take a sip and find it quite bitter but with a slight citrus undertone. Not the best you'd ever tasted but it wasn't horrible. You take a seat at the bar for a moment, hoping to pick up a bit of gossip. While you're sitting there you notice a rather robust man rise from the group of sullen drunkards. He makes his way towards the bar before slamming both hands down on the polished oak.

"Give me the bottle Sammy", the man slurs over his words, he stunk of spirits. The bartender sighs, before producing a bottle of an unmarked liquor. Strangely the liquor seemed to be bright pink, it wasn't something you were familiar with.

"I'm only doing this because I don't think you should have been fired Doug", the bartender pulled back the bottle as the man snatched at it."I think you should leave soon though mate, if you're still here when the boss gets back you'll get more than you bargained for."

Doug grasps at the bottle,"just give it to me Sammy." The bartender lets go of the bottle, relinquishing it to his former co worker. Bottle of strange liquor in hand, the drunken Doug turns to look in your direction."Hey there cutie", the man burps into his hand."What's a pretty young thing like you doing in a shithole like this? Can to join me for a drink." Doug shakes the bottle at you, hoping to entice you into spending some time with him. Bel gives you a weird look, surely you weren't going to associate with this bloke?
The woman's approach at the bar was of course noted by the bartender as she asked for the bar standard, to which the keeper swiftly delivered. Bitter, citrus undertone, a fairly clear amber and thick head. Not too bad, nothing special, but a decent beer nevertheless...

While she listened to the conversations, or tried to at least, for eavesdropping in a busy bar was harder than it was, one of the sullen people rose from the group, robust-looking. The man approached the bar and slammed a pair of meaty hands upon it, demanding some sort of bottle. With a sigh, the bartender - Sammy, it appeared - reached down beneath the top and pulled a peculiar bottle of some bright pink substance out. To Hephae, it seemed a little like some sort of tonic, but the lack of marking certainly was suspicious. Listening, she caught mention of the drunk's name, Doug, and that he was fired from somewhere, this establishment by the sounds of things. The mention of a boss of sorts was of mental note to her as she took another gulp of her grog, Bel crossing his arms in some form of evident annoyance. She knew the Mawile enjoyed good old liverbane too, but in a place like this, service to a pokemon would be crass.

And as though Arceus Himself saw this menial injustice, Doug caught sight of her, and hormones all but took over as he drunkenly greeted her. Giving the bottle a shake at her, she could only raise an eyebrow as her fairly cold gaze met his, and with Jake distracted with his own group, getting involved with a ruffian of this sort could only end in disaster...for them. Nevertheless, with the look the fairy was giving her, the best option was laid out in front of her, in a manner that would only result in someone slipping something out.

"Ignoring the fact that the first oaf who ran into me outside's now lying in a pool of their own vomit and will be nursing a considerable headache, if one were hoping for, ah, a quick little 'romantic meeting' as it were, you'll be sorely disappointed," she started, quick rebuttal at the poor flirting attempt. "Besides, I already have my beverage here, and it is not usually in my regards to consider children's cough medicine as an alcoholic drink," motioning to the bottle of pink in a manner that she hoped would have her corrected by either Doug or Sammy, "but I couldn't help but hear that you appeared to have lost a job of some manner. Perhaps you would be one to share the tale? And as for why I'm here...well, the bouncer did offer a drink on the house for getting rid of the previous drunk who wanted back in after being thrown out..."

A simple little lie, but if it kept Sammy distracted, then all things considered things would go well, as Hephae sought to take Doug up on his offer, even if it meant preying on his emotions to try and glean information from him. A metallic clink from Bel let her and the small group know that if anything were to go out of hand, the Mawile was most certainly capable of delivering some swift justice in defence of his fellow companion. Yes, the relation between her and him was not master and minion, but of equals.
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