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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Meetan – Joe was becoming more and more desperate as he watched the poor Wartortle struggle with the Sludge. He wasn’t feeling too great himself after being hit once so he was really feeling for Franklin and felt pretty helpless. Suddenly, you teleported down the hill and behind Greg. Joe see’s you and is surprised for only a moment but is then immediately relieved to see your Abra because it meant that you are a trainer and they obviously needed some help. Before he even had a chance to greet you, you throw Mimi out onto the field which surprises Greg whom you were behind. He steps back and bumps into you, turning around the instant he realizes that someone is behind him. “Wha!? It’s you!! I thought I told you to scram!” Greg’s reaction grabs Joe’s attention. “Wait… You know this woman?” There was no time for Greg to respond, Mimi throws up a Barrier in order to make sure he doesn’t try running away and then uses Confusion to hold him still. “What… Are… You… DOING!?” Greg is struggling to speak because of the Confusion but he is clearly planning to play dumb, he doesn’t know that you saw anything.

“Whoa whoa whoa!! Miss! He’s a ranger! We’re rangers! I know this looks bad but we are the good guys I promise! Just please try to help Franklin and I will join you as soon as I get one of these pokeballs free.” He points toward the Wartortle and then continues to mess with the balls on his belt. He is also very concerned for Tank and hopes that he didn’t run into any danger of his own but has to help Franklin for the time being. Axel charged into battle and the strategy was a complete success. He used Blow Back on the nearest Trubbish who was blown away and tumbled through the messy sludge by several meters. He instantly followed that up by smashing into the other one with a Zen Headbutt which successfully makes the Trubbish flinch so that it can’t counter in any way before getting hit with the Fire Punch which causes it to tumble right into its friend. (Axel gains 1 level) Finally, Franklin has a moment where more sludge isn’t getting poured onto him and his Rapid Spin does the trick and gets most of it off, while unfortunately getting several drops of it on you, your Pokemon, Joe, and Greg since it was getting flung everywhere. He finally gets to stop spinning and is completely out of breath, he also isn’t looking too good right now, it’s almost as if he’s sick. Joe notices this and reaches inside of a pouch he wears on his hip and pulls out an Antidote, fortunately his pouch was still accessible. He throws the medicine to Franklin who knows what to do and sprays himself with it. “Tortle!” Franklin is looking much better now and runs next to Axel preparing to take those two Trubbish on together. The thing is, the Trubbish aren’t attacking. They have both gotten back up since their tumble but they look like they don’t know what it is they are supposed to be doing now. There is nothing but silence for a while, Mimi lets up on her confusion a bit which makes it so that Greg breaks free from it. Forgetting about the barrier, he goes to run somewhere but smashes into it. “Damnit!!!” He shouts. Joe turns toward Greg who is flustered. “Calm down Greg. They aren’t attacking anymore. We just need to keep a better eye on them.” That’s when Greg just rolls his eyes. “Alright, this really isn’t fun anymore. Okay you two!! Time to take everyone out! Throw down some Toxic Spikes then one of you attack the Wartortle and the other get the Abra! Ignore the Mime Jr. for now but don’t let your guards down! Now, both of you use Acid Spray and follow that up with more Sludge!!” Once Greg is finished, Joe is just shocked as he starts to put all of the pieces together, hopefully he’ll snap out of it soon. What will you do?
Alice was smug to see their surprise attacks had been a success, and she was even more sure that the moves had been the right ones to make when the Trubbish looked so clueless. If they really had been wild, surely they would have attacked by now to defend themselves? Alice supposed that if they had been snagged by a styler, perhaps not, but it wasn't as if the item was a placating brainwashing device, right? Joe looked stunned to see her, far more naturally than Greg, although even as he overdid things Alice doubted herself just a tad. That didn't last long, though, because the false hero soon gave in and gave himself away to start a fight that the trainer was going to make him lose, and with Joe having healed poor Franklin of his affliction, Alice only had to wait for his stand in support to get their head in the game for it to be a truly fair and set match. Ignoring Mimi would be Greg's downfall, too, the idol was sure, but she made sure to stand to the side just incase, not wanting to get covered in toxins and sick for herself if it could be helped. Samantha was the one with heal pulse and she was absent from the team, after all.

"Axel, dodge with your teleport! Then zen headbutt and blowback to launch the Trubbish again! Mimi, join in with confusion and thunderbolt attacks!" Alice knew that the ranger wasn't exactly in a thinking mood right now, and so the blonde took liberties. "Franklin, Joe isn't with it right now, so let me help you until he is! Cut through those poison attacks with a rapid spin, then give it all you have with your water moves! Put that Trubbish at a distance and keep it strong and clean, you got me? Make Ivan proud!" With her orders given, Alice's own two Pokemon dove straight in, and she kept her proverbial fingers crossed that the Wartortle wouldn't hesitate either.
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