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Halloween wasn't something that Alice Hope had ever had too much interest in. The one year her friends had gone trick or treating, they had done it without her, and otherwise she had never gone. This year, though, was going to be different. Fizzytopians seemed to enjoy it, and an area that she had yet to explore – Le Marecage Noir – was holding a big event. With the rules memorised, the young woman had made her way over, already knowing which Pokemon would suit her efforts best.

Having not touched a sewing machine in years, though, it meant that it took time to make the costume itself. It was worth it, though, even if the end result didn't match exactly what Alice had in mind. Long blonde ringlets cascaded down the trainer's back, pulled into lovely pigtails, accented with black bows and leaving the obsidian earrings visible to anyone taking a closer look. The outfit itself was a dress, the skirt ruffled with a white tullie underlayer, and the sleeves flowing long and frilly and hanging a little below the wrists. Its design was that of a gothic lolita style, in a faded pink that suggested age and wear, some purposeful rips in the material like that of a ragged doll, and said tears extended to the white tights beneath. Blood seemed to cling to the black boots, although it had dried enough that it no longer trailed incriminating prints along the streets.

That wasn't wear it ended, though. Sparkling fingernails were painted black, except for two on each hand that were red with bats and webs lined in an alternating shade; the make-up on Alice's face suiting the grim theme of Halloween. Her mascara and eyeliner stood out against a ghostly white face, lips stuck a striking purple, smokey eyeshadow surrounding the eyes. They almost matched the sooty-skinned Bagon that walked along beside her, adorned in grape suit and bow tie that was even more shredded than the owner's outfit, the fabric bloody and even burnt. One of its eyes had a faux scar cut across it.

Alice crouched down, scooping up her heavy boy, who scrambled to rest upon her weary limbs before launching upwards into the air. It hurt the trainer, something which the wasn't intended for, but would have to do. Eridian began to pulse with a draconian energy, swirling reds and golden around his body. It radiated stronger when dirt began to swirl and gather from the area, mixing with stones, before suddenly hurling to capture the young woman in a rocky tomb. Inside, a hand of mismatched rings - like tokens taken by the living doll - absently clutched another Love Ball for security. It was paranoia at this practiced stage, but Axel knew teleport if these things came down on her head or the next bit scorched her to death. Eridian suddenly spat streams of powerful fire at the construct; whittling it down with practiced precision. Plumes of smoke rose into the air, obscuring the sculpture, but when it became visible, Alice had stepped in front of it caked in smoke, blood and dust. The outlines of a rough rock beast loomed over the trick or treater, but what was most jarring was that the lady's eyes were no longer blue. Instead they were a solid, void black with no flecks of white or colour; and with the wide smile that pulled across pale features, the assistant was perfectly eerie.

Alice took a curtsy. Eridian, stood upon the rock prop, made a bow, before breaking the statue down out of the way and washing it away with a water move, ready for the next rehearsal. They would have to be careful not to wear themselves out before the real performance come nighttime.

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