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Maskerade- Things quickly went from chaotic to outright bonkers, all because Volg had decided that this battle was his to win. However he had thrown himself straight into a scrap against powerful Pokemon, Pokemon that held a distinct type advantage against him. While Stahl would have made quick work of the Ground typed lackeys the Decidueye had summoned, the fire typed Volg would need things to go his way if he was to stand a chance. It seemed the fire lizard had a plan though, he began to gather solar energy but as his trainer soon pointed out, the graveyard was a gloomy area, with poor light penetration. It would take time for him to charge his attack, time he might not have if he was ganged up on by the encroaching Marowak and Krokorok.

"Can you even control your Pokemon", barked Sir Bryant, having seen the exchange been Volg and Stahl."Pull your shit together and get your Pokemon in line." Turning his attention back to his Metagross, Sir Bryant began to work on bringing the Decidueye down."Metagross, get in quick with a Bullet Punch, follow with a Meteor Mash!" The Metagross quickly burst forward, its legs leaving the ground as it makes use of its psychic levitation. It hurtles through the air at blinding speed, smashing into the Decidueye and sending it fluttering backwards. It doesn't take long for the experienced hunter to gather its senses however, with a swift movement it navigates around the bulky steel type, finding an opening on its flank. The archer strikes with its claws, raking an astonishing blow across the Metagross's flank before gliding back into the shadows of one of the mausoleums.

With combat starting, the Marowak and Krokorok begin to plot against you and your Pokemon. The two split up in an attempt to come at you from different angles, making it a much harder task for Munchlax to guard the charging Volg. The Krokorok is the first to come in for the strike, Munchlax glimmers as it strengthens its defense, only to be met with a burst of mud that splatters across his face. Eyes obscured, he can't react in time as the Marowak attacks, swinging its club-like bone into Volg's stomach. The Charmander skids backwards, claws dig into the cobblestone as he stabilizes himself. He manages to hold the charge, which is slowly growing in power, but that hit hurt. Scraping the mud from his face, Munchlax repositions himself, stepping in between the Marowak and Charmander.

Sir Bryant's Metagross scanned the graveyard, trying to catch sight of the Decidueye. This was the owl's home turf though, it wouldn't be found unless it wanted to. Suddenly it appears from above, striking the Steel type with dark clad talons, a true sucker punch. Arcing around, the Metagross catches sight of the Decidueye before it can disappear into and pursues it. Its body is surrounded by a shell of steel energy as it collides with the Grass type, crushing it into the side of a mausoleum which is barely left standing after the collision. It seemed that Sir Bryant's Metagross would have the upper hand, but only if it was able to pin the Decidueye down for long enough.

Volg finds himself gathering attention again, it seemed the Krokorok and Marowak were ready to come at him again. Marowak tosses its bone, prompting Munchlax to intercept it. The bone smashes into his shoulder before arcing out and around through the air. By the time Munchlax turns around to face the Krokorok, it is gone, as if it had disappeared into thin air. That's when he notices the ground beneath his feet shaking, it was digging! He tries to rush to stop the attack but as he does the Marowak's bone comes spinning back, striking him in the face and knocking him onto his back. The Krokorok erupts from the ground beneath Volg, sending the Charmander flying into the air with a powerful, super effective attack. The Charmander somehow manages to right himself in mid air, taking aim at the Krokorok he releases the mass of solar energy he had been gathering. The Ground type is struck by the devastating beam head on, the light overwhelms it as it is sent tumbling backwards. Volg crashes to the ground, he had taken quite a beating, but he was holding on for now. The Krokorok was quickly back to its feet, it was clearly stronger than the Fire type, it seemed it would take more than one super effective hit to put it down. However the Krokorok seems to be acting differently, the dark energy that had previously filled its eyes was no longer present. The ground type looks around, as if taking in its surroundings for the first time, before turning tail and running off between the mausoleums.

"What happened there?" Sir Bryant shouted, having seen the Krokorok retreat. It seemed strange that just one hit was enough to rattle the Krokorok, maybe there was something else at play?
Rorik could do nothing but look on as his already frail strategy fell to pieces and Sir Bryant made a point to berate him for it. It was no surprise, really - he'd taken Volg in to prevent him from being lynched by the population of the town he was born in, after he burned the Hatchery down, but he had no long-term plans for the rogue Charmander. He should've known from the start that he had no qualifications to keep such a creature in check, and should have just dropped him off for adoption elsewhere rather than bring him along on an adventure.

"I'm sorry," he muttered under his breath. In the heat of battle, nobody would hear him, and he knew it, but the mixture of shame and terror he felt prevented him from speaking any louder. "I'm so sorry..."

The knight handled his foe admirably, as expected, with the Metagross clearly overpowering Decidueye who only managed to fight back due to the advantageous terrain. If left undisturbed, there was little doubt in Rorik's mind that Sir Bryant would eventually succeed in toppling the archer, but in order for that to happen, the scientist would have to do his part... and that was his cross to bear. A heavy, heavy cross.


The bear had dutifully placed himself between Volg and the attackers, but it was only a matter of time before he was overwhelmed, even with his heightened defense. After all, they lacked both the strategy and the strength to defeat two evolved Pokémon, and it wasn't long before Marowak's Bonemerang sent Munchlax tumbling to the floor in pain, leaving the Charmander completely unprotected.

But while the bear had been toppled, Volg somehow remained standing - either through sheer force of will or the unnatural resilience conferred by the Baimon rage - and even managed to land a devastating hit on Krokorok! The happiness, however, was short-lived, as the Solar Beam proved insufficient to knock the foe out. Until...

What is it doing?...

Despite retaining plenty of health, the Krokorok suddenly turned tail and fled, like a veil of darkness had been lifted and its senses restored. It made no sense, as the Ground-Type could easily fight back and destroy Volg with little effort, but as if invisible shackles binding it had been broken, the crocodile seemed to lose all interest in the fight and leave.

While this was a relief for the Professor, it wasn't the case for Volg - breathing heavily and bruised all over, the Charmander suddenly roared and his tail flame erupted to even higher proportions, and he prepared to chase down Krokorok to finish the job, leaving everyone else behind to conclude the fight no matter what.

He's already uncontrollable in his enraged state... is this what happens when Blaze triggers on top of a Baimon curse?!

He didn't think it through; for once in his life, Rorik acted purely on impulse. Leaping forward, the Professor tackled Volg before the lizard could give chase, pinning him down while the Charmander flailed about. As he struggled to contain the beast, Rorik's eyes landed on the downed Munchlax...

I have to call out to him... he's our only hope now!

Now? Munchlax had been Rorik's only hope a number of times before. And in reality, the bear had come through for him almost every single time, despite the rocky start to their relationship. Initially the two most distinct creatures on the planet - the rule-abiding, calculated-approaching Trainer and his gluttonous, lazy, self-centered Munchlax -, the adventures they'd shared together had changed them both. Perhaps Gottfried's old partner had changed the most, and for the better, while Rorik felt he was still pretty much the same useless man of theory as he'd always been... but the fact that their bond had grown much stronger than he could've ever expected was undeniable.

Who would've thought that Munchlax, of all the acquaintances I've ever made, would turn out to be my hero much like his old Trainer?

The bear's ultimate act of selflessness had just been displayed. Without a hint of hesitation, Munchlax had hurled himself into harm's way to shield a Pokémon he barely knew, risking his own safety at Rorik's orders in a manner that he never would have only a few months back. Had the Professor finally earned his original partner's respect?...

"M-Munchlax!" cried Rorik, while Volg's flailing became more and more intense, "Please... please get up! I'm sorry I jeopardized your safety, but..."

Why not admit it?

"... but you're my most treasured companion, the one I trust the most!" he finally said. "Stahl, Volg, they both have names and yet, I never bothered to give you one - I could never find the right thing to call you! But I figured it out!"

Hang in there... just a little longer! Come on Rorik, don't let Volg escape!

"A hero's name! The greatest hero in Heimlan lore... Guntz, Slayer of Jotnar! That's what you are - a hero who can topple anything and anyone. Took me a long time to realize that..." Rorik admitted; he didn't care if Sir Bryant considered him even more of a loser for that. "So please, one last effort, it's all I ask! Please!"

For a moment, nothing seemed to change. Volg continued to fight Rorik's grasp, which was weakening steadily, and Munchlax - Guntz - remained on the floor, motionless. And then, it happened.

Is... is this?...

A powerful burst of light suddenly emanated from Guntz, a blueish white glow that enveloped his entire body. His frame grew larger, and larger, and larger, until the bear became twice as big as Rorik. As this happened, Guntz rose to his feet and roared, and when the light finally faded, the Professor's partner stood proudly, no longer a Munchlax, but a fully grown !

"Munchl... No, Guntz! You... you just..."

Even Volg stopped squirming and resisting, instead staring at the newly revealed colossus and sizing him up as a potential new foe. Chasing after the Krokorok seemed to be, for the time being, forgotten in light of this latest turn of events.

Peering over his shoulder, the gigantic bear grinned at Rorik and gave him a thumbs-up, before shifting his attention back to Marowak, the only remaining enemy left to deal with. And now, it fell on Rorik to keep up, and issue the right orders to live up to Guntz's expectations!

"It turned out alright in the end, heh?... Very well! Guntz, let's put what Queen Lilligant taught you back at the War of the Roses! Blast Marowak with an Energy Ball, then close in and show everyone the power of Return, the strength of our Bond!!"

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