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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(“Oh I see, you were just test-driving your Halloween costume.” *Dead Rattata on desk says nothing.*)

~Please reply in Slategray~

The Park

Missingo Master: ~ (As it would get a bit boring otherwise. If you can successfully guess what you would expect behind a door, you may also provide your character’s actions for after that as well. That way we won’t have to split every door choice into its own update. Once Keith has successfully uncovered the trick to this area, he will automatically move on. Also; soooooo close.)

Meowth tried to snap you out of your hallucinogenic conviction that Pokédex numbers had anything to do with the doors at all. He proposes an alternative; if both sides of the door you had come through revealed a Grass-type, and your other two options were a Poison and a Fairy-type, then perhaps you had to think in terms of type-advantages. You nod somewhat in approval but provide an amendment of your own; so far, the logic within the Funhouse had been uprooted more than once. In a Topsy-Turvy world it perhaps, perhaps, makes more sense to go in the other direction than the one logic would dictate, even if your other choice provided no type advantage win or loss in comparison to Grass types. You and Meowth argue back and forth about this briefly until Meowth understood your thought pattern. And so you decided to move on to the Slurpuff door this time.

The door levitated eerily off the floor, taking a small tentative distance between itself and the ground. The door clicked open inwards and revealed an open floorplan ahead, a wall stretching out from the door’s boundary. You had to take a large step up to move through the floating opening, and once you did you realise you made another erroneous mistake; confusing the floor and wall once again. As soon as you stepped through, the gravity shifted to the side and you dropped to the wall which had now become your new grounding. Meowth swiftly followed and the door closes immediately behind the two of you, showcasing a picture of a Klefki. Unlike last time, when a jingle played itself when a door closed, a loud buzzer was heard throughout the room. The girl’s voice appeared once more.

“Hahaha, that was wrong. 45 minutes left. You have to catch me before midnight. After all, that’s what all the storybooks say.”

You pick yourself up and gaze around once more. The door behind was locked, obviously, and beside the picture of the Klefki, there was one other. Two staircases rose in opposite directions and looped back in mid-air where the steps gently kissed one another, a single door hanging upside down to separate the two. Upon closer inspection you notice that each side of the door bared a different picture; a Golem and a Yanmega.

What do you do?
Confident that his logic was sound, at least by the less-than-logical standards that this dimension has set forth so far, Keith walked through the Slurpuff door. It was floating just slightly above the floor- Keith was still able to step through, he just needed to take a bigger step than average to get through, but he made it through, nevertheless, his feet planted firmly on solid... wall?


"GAAAH!" Keith exclaimed as he suddenly found himself being pulled sideways. The door was sideways from this end of things, and also a fair distance above the floor. "Owww..." he groaned, wincing as the girl's voice sounded once again, confirming what the buzzer already told them- that that was the wrong door.

"OK, so we was wrong wit dat one," Meowth muffled, for Keith's back had broken his fall, and the Normal-type had not yet moved. Fang, on the other hand, was able to safely Levitate down towards them, and he alone was unharmed by the shift in gravity.

"You think?" grunted Keith as he unsteadily stood back up. "Clearly we weren't on the right track there. The Carnivine door was the right choice, but back there, the Weezing door was obviously the right choice. What do we got to work with this time...?" he muttered, starting to examine their new surroundings.

Said new surroundings, Keith realized, included the locked door through which they had fallen (now bearing an image of a Klefki), and one other door, but with two different ways to go through it. On one side, a picture of a Golem. On the other side was pictured a Yanmega. "Huh," murmured Meowth. "Hey, Keith, ya tinkin' wat I'm tinkin'?" he asked.

"Unless you're thinking we just flip a coin with this one, probably not," shrugged Keith. "I don't know anymore, Meowth- every time I think I've got the logic to this place down, it just finds a new way to screw with us. Why, you seeing something I'm not here?"

"Well, tink about it," said Meowth. "Da first room had doors depictin' Marowak, Carnivine, Fera... no, wait, neva mind," he shook his head. "I was tinkin' it somehow had ta do wit Pokémon youse owns, since ya gots a Carnivine, a Weezing, and a Yanmega, but nah, ya also gots a Feraligatr and a Timburr, so yeah."

"So... back to square one, then," groaned Keith. "OK... we can't give up, Meowth," he said determinedly. "We got forty-five minutes to figure this out, find the ghost girl, beat her Inkay, find Myrtle, and get out of this place. No time to waste. We made the right choice the first time around, with the Carnivine door. Why? What about Carnivine made it the right call?"

"Carni..." Fang murmured, also pondering this.

"OK, well... ya came trough da Ekans slide, right?" Meowth said. "Carnivine's a Grass-type, weak ta Poison..."

"But Weezing is a Poison-type, strong against Grass," Keith murmured. "What the hell do Carnivine and Weezing have in common?"

"Vine!" Fang exclaimed, gesturing to the mass of vines that were the lower half of his body.

"Fang's right- dey both gots Levitate," Meowth remarked. "But neither Golem nor Yanmega gots Levitate..."

"Hmm... OK, well, Weezing beats Slurpuff in terms of type," Keith murmured. "And.. Well, Carnivine actually beats Feraligatr, and Nosepass, and Marowak, but not Timburr or Eevee-"

"Yer forgettin' sometin', though," Meowth pointed out. "Timburr and Eevee was my doors, along wit Lapras. And Fightin' beats both Normal and Ice!"

"...and Golem beats Yanmega!" Keith grinned. "And come to think of it, Weezing beats Leafeon, too, doesn't it? And Golem... well, OK, Golem vs. Klefki could go either way, but the point is, Ground beats Steel! And Carnivine... well, Grass doesn't beat Poison, but maybe the Ekans head doesn't actually count as anything, it's just an Ekans head without a picture of anything..."

"Ya know wat, I'm tinkin' we's onta sometin' wit dis one!" Meowth grinned. "Alright, den- we'll try da Golem door, den?"

"Yeah," Keith nodded. "And on the other side, the door we came through should have a picture of something that shares a type with Golem, and all we do is find whichever door has the type advantage over it and the other doors!"

"So we was onta sometin' wit da whole type advantage deal," purred Meowth. "It just weren't turned backwards like youse thought."

"Just when you think you have this place figured out, am I right?" chuckled Keith. "C'mon, let's see what's behind door number 76," he added, heading off up the stairs that led to the Golem side of the door.

"Door numba- oh, right, you and yer Pokédex numbas," Meowth grumbled, though with a small grin.

OOC: Not gonna lie, took me a while to figure this out, but once I remembered that the Timburr, Eevee, and Lapras doors were their own thing on Meowth's side, it started to all fit together.

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