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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
The Doctor waited patiently at his desk doing some last minute paperwork, the large majority of the injuries he had previously sustained healed or scarred, leaving a few marks here and there but ultimate the man looked rather healthy. Practically jumping from his seat to greet you, Doctor Grossman bows and motions towards the door to the incubator room, knowing all too well by now that you know the way. "Great to see you again, and especially after having dropped off such a mild mannered guest into our care this time around," the Doctor chuckled, making his way into the room. A small egg of bright blue sat in the back, a faint yellow glow emanating from a couple places inside the shell every now and again. "It should be ready to hatch any minute now," Doctor Grossman nodded as he finished up the preliminary writeup on his clipboard, leaving only a few places to be quickly checked off as need be. Sure enough, a small crack forms along the side of the egg after a minute or so, before some light tapping from the inside widens it into a hole. It stops there for a bit before shaking over, and the Doctor grabs the egg to keep it from falling before peeling away from the shell to reveal the small fish within, eyes blinking as it adjusts to the lights around itself, a bit brighter than those attached to its head. Examining the fish, Doctor Grossman finishes his paperwork before taking a few quick photos and handing over the clipboard for a signature.

Keith has hatched a lv.1 male Chinchou! He also knows the following Egg Moves:

- Flail
- Supersonic
- Water Pulse
- Whirlpool
Keith smiled as Dr. Grossman remarked on how mild mannered his most recent guest had been. "Heh, you think Hebenon's nice, just wait- I'm not just here to pick up," he replied. Rather than elaborate on this, however, he followed Dr. Grossman to the incubator room. Not that he needed the good doctor to lead the way- this being Keith's third visit to said room by this point, he knew the way quite well.

The happy couple was there, of course- Hebenon would not have stood for either of them missing the birth of their child. Keith exchanged smiles with the Qwilfish, before they both turned their full and undivided attention to the Egg. Bright blue in coloration, with a pair of glowing somethings within.

And soon, it started. The Egg cracked. And a little tapping could be heard from within- the occupant was striking the crack to widen it. And finally, with Dr. Grossman to help hold the Egg steady so that the violent wobbling didn't cause the Egg to fall right over, a fish was born. Keith smiled as the newborn blinked, adjusting to the bright lights, brighter even than his own lures, and took out his Pokédex.

"Chinchou, the Angler Pokémon. A Water and Electric-type," droned the device. "Chinchou flashes its lights to communicate with its own kind on the dark ocean floor. It shoots positive and negative electricity between the tips of its two antennae and zaps its enemies."

"Chou! Chou!" smiled the Chinchou, hopping over to his parents and greeting them happily. Hebenon smiled as only a proud father could as he said hello to his son for the very first time, while Keith signed all the necessary paperwork.

Finally, Keith was able to crouch down and meet his new Chinchou for the first time. "Hey, there," he smiled. "I'm Keith-" he began, before he suddenly wound up with a Chinchou hugging his face. "Heh, friendly little guy, aren't you?" he smiled, feeling a mild electrical buzz as he spoke. Not painfully, but he felt it nonetheless.

"Chou! Chinchou~" replied Chinchou happily. Now the Water/Electric-type was sitting on Keith's Mega Hat.

Keith could only chuckle at this, before turning to Hebenon. "So, we got a name?" he asked, the Qwilfish smiling and nodding before speaking up in response.

"Hebenon says dat deir son's name is ta be Brighton," Meowth translated.

"Brighton, huh?" Keith smiled. "I like it. Welcome to the team, Brighton. Welcome to the family."

Before he could do much else, though, an extraordinarily cute Ivysaur appeared, instantly cooing and smiling and fawning over the baby Chinchou. Keith chuckled at this- such a motherly response was quite appropriate, considering why he'd brought Pomona here in the first place. When finally the Ivysaur remembered that Keith was there, she turned to him. "I haven't forgotten, Pomona," he smiled. "When Hyrem comes to pick up Delilah, pretty sure he'll be dropping off Sarkhan as well. So yeah," he added to Dr. Grossman. "Like I said earlier- not just picking up today."

OOC: Picking up my brand-new Chinchou, naming him Brighton, housing him in the first of these three Lure Balls, and declaring his Ability to be Volt Absorb. Also dropping off my female Ivysaur to breed with GS's male Druddigon (who should be packing an Old Spice Incense as well), offspring going to me as per our agreement. Pomona's stats are as follows;

Species: Ivysaur ()
Gender: Female
Level: 36
Type: Grass/Poison
Attacks: Tackle, Sludge, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, String Shot, Power Whip, Giga Drain, Petal Dance, Leaf Storm, Take Down, Grass Whistle, Attract, Captivate, Charm, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Venoshock, Strength, Cut, Growth, Return, Defense Curl, Rock Smash, Flash, Grass Pledge, Safeguard, Razor Wind, Bide, Hidden Power (Steel), Double-Edge, Grassy Terrain, Reflect, Light Screen, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Fury Cutter, Rage, Toxic, Worry Seed, Skull Bash, Sludge Wave, Seed Bomb.
Next attack learned: Synthesis (lv. 39)
Evolution: >Egg House hatching>>lv. 16>
Nature: Naive
Ability: Chlorophyll
Bond: 37
Cute stat: 100
Beauty stat: 100
Tough stat: 50
Smart stat: 50
Cool stat: 50
Obtained: Egg House
Pomona is perhaps the personification of perkiness. An eternally optimistic and friendly Ivysaur with a heart of gold, she seems almost supernaturally drawn towards less sociable Pokémon, almost as though she is able to sense those who are most in need of a friend. Though she was horribly shaken by her first encounter with pure evil, she bounced back from it, and eventually conquered the resulting fear of Stunfisk once and for all. She hates to see anyone she considers her friend (which is basically everyone) in distress, and will stop at nothing to help her friends feel better. Pomona doesn't like to hurt others, though is somewhat talented in battle, particularly when it comes to using her cute appearance to get enemies to let their guard down, a strategy that was more or less Keith's doing. She enjoys playing games like tag, and does not wish to evolve, believing that such games would be tricky to play in the Venusaur stage, and also that the huge size would frighten potential friends, something she does not wish to happen. Naive though she can be, she does know true love when she sees it, including what there is between herself and her love interest, Sarkhan the Druddigon.
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