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Originally Posted by Median Dia View Post

The scenario wasn't anywhere near as impactful for Chroma as it was for Keith, seeing as she had no pokemon that would evolve at this point in time, but it wasn't exactly a dud of a situation, either. The older man's voice had betrayed his great desire to finally give his secondary chef actual arms to work with, and Elenchos, her inkay, was always eager to see his original trainer again... and it's usually a bad idea to keep an inkay from getting what they want. With this in mind, it was a win-win situation with a bit more weight on Keith's side- not that that was a particularly bad thing, of course!

'Rehtaf, rehtaf!' Elen called his usual greeting for Keith as soon as he caught sight of the trainer, zooming across the room at a greater speed than usual.

"Hey, calm down there, Elen! We'll have plenty of time to chat in a little bit!" Chroma declared as she drew closer to the ever-growing group. "I think it would be best to get the business part out of the way first- these two have been waiting quite a long time for this!"

'Esruoc fo, ho!' the inkay agreed, nodding just as his pokeball's return beam sucked him back into the sphere.

"Well, then, Keith, I think it's time to begin!" With that, she placed her, or rather, his, inkay's ball into the trading device and confirmed her part of the transaction.

~ ~ ~

Trading my Lv. 20 inkay with the following stats with Missingno. Master for his Lv. 7 swirlix.

*Trade Closed*

Chroma quickly grabbed up the curious pink orb the machine sent her way and pressed the button- if Keith's information was correct, then Cotton should already be changing, and it would most certainly be a shame if he were to miss that! And sure enough, the light that the Heal Ball released refused to stop shining and shifting form- the deal was a complete success!

~ ~ ~

Trading my Lv. 7 slurpuff with the stats (other than species) mentioned above back to Missingno. Matser in exchange for his Lv. 20 inkay. Boy, that sure lasted long!
Sure enough, Chroma arrived not long after Keith did. The Poison-type Trainer chuckled and smiled as he was enthusiastically greeted by the excitable Inkay he had hatched long ago. All present were well aware that were it not for the PC storage restrictions of the time, that Inkay would have never left Keith's ownership in the first place. Not that Keith had any room to complain here, of course- Chroma proved to be quite a capable Trainer for Elenchos, and Keith knew the Inkay was happy with her. At the end of the day, that was all that really mattered.

As Elenchos was withdrawn, Keith nodded and turned to the Swirlix floating by his side. "Cotton, return," he said, holding up the Heal Ball, which sucked the Swirlix into its spherical confines, Whipped Dream and all. "And I think you're right," he added to Chroma, for she had suggested they get this show on the road. The Heal Ball quickly came to rest on Keith's end of the trade machine, and as soon as the switch was thrown, the trade was underway. The screen on the machine displayed a pair of silhouettes crossing paths as they traveled to opposite ends, the Swirlix silhouette moving to Chroma's side while Keith was approached by the Inkay silhouette. And finally, the exchange was done. Keith took hold of the Poké Ball that was in fact once his, and tossed it in the air, the better for Elenchos to get to spend at least a few minutes with his "rehtaf".

On the other end, Chroma had sent Cotton out, and Keith got to see the marvelous transformation take place at long last. The Whipped Dream glowed along with Cotton and was fused with his body. The excess fluffiness went away for the most part, though the whipped topping seemed to retain some semblance of fluff. Cotton's tail shrank away, in exchange for a pair of arms sprouting. He fell to the floor as he changed shape, no longer able to hover, but as the light faded away, that seemed to be the very last concern on the 's mind as he looked down at himself, examining his new body, and judging by his smile, liking what he saw.

And when the time came, both Cotton and Elenchos were called back to their respective balls, and the tradeback was made with no issues. "Thanks so much, Chroma," Keith thanked his friend, before tossing the Heal Ball into the air.

"Sluuuuurpuff~" Cotton exclaimed happily, materializing on the floor before Keith, who had to smile- Cotton didn't look exactly like cotton candy anymore, but he did look like some sort of fancy dessert. And he still had that aroma, as well- shrouded as ever in that Sweet Veil. Keith dug out his Pokédex and pointed it at Cotton.

"Slurpuff, the Meringue Pokémon, and the evolved form of Swirlix. A Fairy-type," droned the device. "Slurpuff's sense of smell is highly sensitive, allowing it to distinguish even the faintest of scents. It is said to practically be able to see with its nose, and it puts this skill to good use by helping pastry chefs in their work."

"Cool," grinned Keith. "I'd say it's a good thing you've gotten used to all my Poison-types by now, huh?" he said.

"Puff!" nodded Cotton, jumping up into Keith's arms and licking his face.

"Heh heh, OK, knock it off," Keith laughed. "Wow. Sense of smell that good, you're gonna be even more of a help to Hermione in the kitchen. Not to mention in battle! Let's see someone try to fool you with a Double Team ever again, hmm?" He went on in this vein for some time, even after leaving the Global Trade Station, newly-evolved Slurpuff in his arms.

OOC: Trading Median Dia "my" level 20 male Inkay for "his" level 7 male Slurpuff. Thanks so much! I'm glad I was finally able to do this evolution.

*Trade Closed*

What? Swirlix is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Swirlix evolved into Slurpuff!

*Cotton learned Play Nice!*
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