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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Alright, purchasing a Natural Spray for 150, and promptly using it on Inky the Darumaka to undo his size changes.

And speaking of Inky, I would also like to pay 100 to have him recolored. Or, scheduled to be recolored, rather- I'd like for his body to turn from red to sky blue upon evolution into Darmanitan, with no change being made to the Zen Mode form's coloration. The reason for this being, as the naming scheme of my Darumaka thus far would imply, my plan is to have four Darmanitan that are based on the ghosts from Pac-Man. The reason I am not having the recolor applying to the Darumaka stage is because I want this to be consistent across all four of them, and I will not be able to recolor my future female Darumaka pink, as the exact shade I would require happens to be far too close, if not identical, to Darumaka's Shiny color (but not Darmanitan's). If possible, I would appreciate a sprite for this, please.

Total payment: 350
I really do find your idea for the coloring different Darumaka to fit with Pac-Man ghosts cool! However, what you wrote to me is what I consider a "meta explanation"; that is related to an idea/concept and not to Inky himself, his origins, personality, etc. Give some info on that!

Otherwise, things are good! Wow you sure caught the price thing on time, I was about to mention it XP
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