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Emi: The group were startled by your arrival, and the youngest member who had been sat down scrambled to his feet and joined the others. They sized you up, but as you spoke on, the oldest's mouth began to twitch and broaden into a severe smirk. The girl's eyebrows lifted, and she exchanged a sneer with him.

"Well, aren't you just a good samaritan?" The biggest one asked you, his voice near enough a hiss, and conveying all intentions as dark eyes swept over your form. "That's sweet, looking out for the little guy. But you're ruining our game here, and eavesdropping is rude, so why don't you cut it out?"

The girl laughed lightly, and although the youngest one seemed to join in, he didn't really. It was an unconvincing breath of sound, and his eyes screamed desperation the longer they set on you. "Get out of here, and if any cops show up, we'll find you." The girl promised, adding to her friends, "Can someone shut the bird up already? It's driving me crazy!"

They obviously weren't listening. What do you do?
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