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Lillian moved further up the valley, noting that the group was considerably farther away that it had originally seemed. Lillian had once heard that noises could be carried on the wind, but was that even a real thing? She didn't know herself. She eventually pinpointed the group that was causing the ruckus, however, and quickly hid so she wasn't immediately found out. Lillian quickly assessed the group; there were only a few teenagers here, camped around a fire that looked like it was just a burning pile of litter. No wonder it smelled like burning garbage.

The teenagers looked to be in their late teens, which didn't really bother Lillian, outside of the oldest one who looked like he could go toe-to-toe with an Emboar if he wanted to. Aside from him, there seemed to be a cute girl with braided hair and a sheer dress that didn't hide her black two-piece, and a young one who almost didn't seem like he belonged there. Over the chatter, Lillian could hear the quacks and cries of a Ducklett and saw the Pokemon tied up in a net. The poor Pokemon was struggling to escape its captors, but the net was weighed down by a Binacle. Lillian knew of this Pokemon, and she figured as long as she didn't get close to it, it wouldn't be too big of a problem.

The teenagers talked about eating the Ducklett, which made Lillian a bit upset. She knew that people sometimes ate Pokemon, but she had never wanted to do it herself. Plus, with the fire being burned, this was definitely completely unsanitary and one of them would probably get sick. The older male talked about an initiation of something for the younger one, but that didn't matter much. Surely there was another way to do this without harming an innocent Pokemon? Lillian tried to think of how to approach the teenagers and get them to back down from this peacefully. Maybe if she took this from another angle? After all, she didn't really disagree with eating Pokemon to a point, and the fire would probably make them sick...

Realizing how she wanted to do it, Lillian slowly got up and approached the teenagers, hoping they wouldn't be too shocked by her suddenly showing up. "The girl is right, you know. A fire like this isn't good for cooking anything. The chemicals from the burning plastics and such will contaminate the meat. From there, it'll just make you sick. Not to mention what you're breathing in from doing this. If you're going to do something like this, come back and make sure you got a good clean fire, and then not only will you have something a lot safer to eat, but it might even taste good." Lillian paused for a moment. "Also you're stinking it up for people like me who just want to relax in the river for a little bit. So could you cut it out?"
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