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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Like giant fingers, the Frenzy Plants come to life one by one, and their flailing becomes progressively more violent. The choice, this time around, was unanimous – breaking through immediately and confronting whatever lies beyond is the way to go.

Samantha courageously takes the lead, guiding the team through the moving spiky towers; Mimi and Nina follow suit, manoeuvring as well as they can through the perilous terrain, whereas Farfetch’d seems capable of flying through the obstacles with considerably more ease. Whenever a branch blocks their path they bide their time, and lunge forward as fast as they can the second an opening between trunks presents itself. Slowly but surely the group advances, Samantha and Nina being scratched by some of the sharp thorns but both mercifully avoiding the brunt of the blow, whereas Mimi and Farfetch’d make it through unscathed.

“At last… we have done it!” Farfecth’d says triumphantly.

The sight ahead is as astonishing as it is mind-boggling. Within the Frenzy Plant dome lies a vast round field of green, bursting with life, birds chirping, small Pokemon roaming, and a single massive tree rising at the center of this miracle. The scents of berries and apricorns fill the area, and even the air feels lighter inside the dome than it did in the rest of Radiant Forest.

While the team is busy coming to grips with this sudden shift in reality and the explanation behind it, a new mystery emerges: the ground begins to rumble and then shake, as if the land has begun moving on its own like a rogue tectonic plaque. Alice’s Pokémon get the distinct impression that the forest is rising, and they’re not wrong.

”Filthy intruders,” says a booming voice that resonates across the clearing like a thousand war drums. “”You should have turned back when you had the chance.”

It is then that Farfetch’d takes flight, departing from the group, and lands on one of the tree’s branches, contemplating the party from his elevated perch with a strange smile…

“Worry not, Master Torterra. I was the one to bring them here,” he declares, before addressing Sam, Nina and Mimi. “I believe I owe you an explanation: you all stand on last safe haven of Radiant Forest, the only one that will endure. Indeed, you may as well call this the new Radiant Forest, created and maintained by my Master.”

The wild duck makes a slow sweeping motion with his stalk, showing the party the extent of Torterra’s domain.

“He has purged these woods, removed all traces of flawed vegetation to create this perfect new Forest, this new World whose weight he selflessly carries on his back. Master Torterra has declared the old Radiant Forest unworthy of the name, and brought it upon himself to elevate it to a new standard; He declared the right to take the water and life from these woods to create something of unparalleled perfection, as you can witness. To those he declared worthy of residing in this paradise, he has opened the gates of the dome, and these creatures now live on Torterra’s back without a care in the world. But the three of you had to be tested – I saw potential in you, fighting prowess that entitles you to the glorious honour of serving as Torterra’s guardians, protectors of his haven!”

”I see,” speaks the titan once more. ”You did well. Indeed, I need Pokémon capable enough to protect the wonder I built. In return, I will allow you to live here, where food is plenty, where there are no predators, humans or irrelevant Pokémon to bother you. Serve me, and paradise is yours.

“Refuse, and well… I have seen how all of you fight. Your strengths and weaknesses are all known to me,” concludes Farfetch’d with a grin and a sarcastic, gentlemanly.

What truly happened to Radiant Forest is now obvious: this oversized Torterra has claimed it as its territory and drained away the woods’ vitality to feed itself and the forest it carries. It seems to have some sort of god complex, and Farfetch’d has been working for the colossal Grass-Type all along…
The offer is on the table, and now it’s time for Alice’s team to give their final answer… What will it be?
The three Pokemon managed to make it through the frenzy plant walls relatively unscathed, something that was clearly a relief across them all. It was more than that, though: the land they had come across was like a breath of fresh, perfectly clean air. It was as if an invisible burden had been lifted from them all and the three of them had found paradise. Even Samantha couldn't disguise how amazed she was, and although Mimi initially seemed delighted, the other two couldn't help feeling concerned. This didn't make sense.

So when the ground shook, and their scenery began to shift in level, perhaps they shouldn't have been so shocked. The mime released an audible whimper and reached out for Samantha, who had dropped onto all fours for the sake of balance, the claws of both quadripeds trying to grip into the soil as their postures changed. The enemy surrounded them, rattled their footing-- and they realised they had been taken for fools.

Samantha's eyes narrowed, the dog looking more menacing for it. Mimi was scared. Nina was a little harder to read, serious and enigmatic much of the time in spite of her gentleness. Unable to do anything else for the moment, they listened, dread filling the animals the more they heard. Their naivety could cost their lives, and it was enough to bring the baby to tears.

"B- but... We have a human. She's going to pick us up. She left us here for a holiday!" The psychic protested, voice trembling like her little body. Mimi sniffled. She felt this attachment perhaps more keenly than even the other two, for whom Alice had been the first thing they had seen of this world. Mimi had been stuck behind bars, abandoned, copying and dancing and hoping that someone might take her home. Mimi had watched people pass her by, and this crazy human girl had given her so much love. The thought of being alone, endangered, in this pretty but miserable place... Nina recalled the pink of Alice's winter clothes and Masaru's fur. Samantha remembered kisses and belly scratches and all of the embarrassing enthusiasm in the world. "We can't l- leave her! We c- can't--"

No. No, they couldn't. No, they wouldn't.

"You don't know all of them! Mimi!" Samantha snarled, "We're leaving. And we're leaving them in pieces!" All of a sudden, Nina howled, the sound a loud battle cry that rose her spirits. It was enough to bring the crying Mime Jr to her senses, enough to fight, and after raising another barrier, she flung a thunderbolt towards the cocky bird. Samantha's teeth lit up, and she buried an icy set of jaws into the living forest. The war had begun, and no matter the result, they intended to get out alive.
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