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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(“Oh my god Maudlin, did you evolve?” *Dead Raticate on desk says nothing.*)

Fortune Teller’s Tent
You made your best attempt to spur the Espurr into battling alongside you. You might have been in a child’s body, but you had your adult mind intact. Battling was more of a viable option now than it would have been last time you faced off the Persian. The Espurr however, quivered in its place at the mere thought of it, anxious of what was about to happen and what was being asked of it. There was little time to ponder though as another purr reached down from the canopy and leaves rustled when a dark shade leapt down behind a tree trunk. It was closing in.

The figure emerged into the spilling light, revealing a cat-like creature as expected, though one entirely unanticipated. The (female) Meowstick bared her fangs at the two of you and gazed still. The Espurr tugs on your leg and indicates towards the would-be attacker, exchanging cheerful smiles between you and the Meowstick as if knowing the beast. It abruptly lets go, making disjointed and hurried steps to the Pokémon while flailing its arms with excitement. As soon as the Espurr was within range, the Meowstick raises a paw and channels an energy before swiftly punting back the small frame of the tiny cat to the ground. The Espurr meekly picks herself up and hurries back to you with tears and a frightened pout. She desperately clings onto your leg, hoping you’d do something when the Meowstick opens its mouth to give another terrorising cry.

“Purrrrrrrrsian,” the Meowstick called out, the voice asynchronous with the jaw’s movements. Like static on a TV with bad reception, the visage of the Meowstick blurred and briefly betrayed the look of a wiry cat with frothy white, shaggy fur before relapsing back to the more delicate and prim form of the Meowstick. Something was very clearly off about this memory. The Meowstick fixes her stare at you and then the Espurr, exposing a voracious glare as she grinned her teeth. She approached with a gangly leap, baring her fangs once more and startling the Espurr into firing a Confusion like you had ordered. The reactively quick attack knocked the Meowstick off guard mid-air, bouncing her back a few feet away. The cat immediately picks herself and readies to pounce again, shaking off the Espurr’s attack like it was nothing. Little knowledge is needed to recognise that the power levels of the two cats was hugely disproportionate, and your further experiences of battling had you hazard a guess that the Espurr was roughly level 10, hardly a powerhouse at this point and in desperate need of a larger movepool as well.

You briefly recall that there were some tricks to this forest that you knew from last time. One of these things was that berries grew in grove patches somewhere nearby, if only you could recall where. You had prior experience of this area and knew of a few other places. Perhaps you could use them? [(Feel free to come up with something – you’re in large control of the environment, just not the characters outside of Alice. Player is free to shape this specific environment to their liking as longs as it’s still forest-y.)] Alternatively, you could use your battling experience to come up with a strategy and take the Meowstick head on; or take a run for it, perhaps even abandoning the Espurr to use as a decoy while you make your escape. By and large, sound judgement would dictate that if you didn’t come up with a plan, the battle between the Espurr and Meowstick would be over soon, and not in your favour.

What do you do?
((This story arc is gettin' pretty wild amirite Maudlin??))

The Espurr was pretty terrified, and that made the both of them. As relatable as that was, though, it was totally unhelpful. In this wild world, Alice generally relied on her Pokemon as a source of courage and stability, but also for the protection they carried. This cat was providing none of those things, and in a place like Phantom Isle, that wasn't good. Could she make it out of her memories alive?

There was hope in that the Espurr seemed to know their opponent, one which wasn't right. The flood of nostalgia made her head hurt. The name of the forest she couldn't recall, but she felt like she wasn't supposed to be here in this body-- that it had happened in a different time and would go a different way. Unfortunately, Espurr really wasn't a tough guy like Masaru, and they couldn't duke this out. If the felines were related or friends, they weren't in this moment, and if Alice didn't act the bad act of a Persian would have them.

"I've got an idea. C'mere." Alice had hesitated, but eventually swept up the psychic in her arms and turned tail, letting the fear and frantic feelings boost her speed stat. Her lungs burned, but the human ran with intention, trying to weave through the trees with some unpredictability to evade the probably pursuing Pokemon. Eventually she slid to a stop, ducking into a mess of a fallen tree and leaves and other natural cover into what seemed to be a deep-ish hole. It was a secret base. "Lessen the drop with confusion, okay?"

Voice hushed, Alice dove in, deciding potentially pain from impact was better than doom, hoping that any sound would be drowned out by the cover. She made for a door that had been set up in the narrow opening hallway, intending to shut it and possibly barricade it to hide out until the danger had passed incase the Persian tracked them. This memory wasn't accurate at all, but hadn't Alice seen a Hypno right before this craziness started? She had certainly seen something. Her mind wasn't reliable right now.

Oh, well. To find is to lose and to lose is to find, so long as they didn't meet oblivion.
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