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Emi: You feel self-conscious about the state of yourself, especially knowing what teenagers can be like, and it sounds like there are a lot of punk-ass dudes up ahead. It's not enough to put you off, though (is Nightingale saving you from yourself?), and so you push on to see what the fuss is about. This mission takes you further up the valley, a bit more distance than you thought (their echoes carried by the wind), and you see a small group gathered in a cluster of trees.

They were burning litter, and what looked like random items and natural debris that they had found in their surroundings, which was no doubt causing the nasty smell. They were older teenagers mostly, the oldest one built like a tank and lacking a shirt. Besides their own chatter, you noticed that there was a Pokemon quacking and crying in a net tied to a tree and weighed down by a Binacle. It was a Ducklett, the poor creature a sight for sore eyes.

"I've never tasted Ducklett before. Is it really that good?" One of the boys asked, seemingly the youngest. A woman whose hair was tied back in braids shrugged, a brightly patterned sheer dress showing a black two piece beneath.
"It can be, but I'm not sure that one that ugly will be worth the hassle. I bet that fire's gonna fuck it up, too." She remarked, her comments drawing laughter and a snort from the leader of sorts.
"Hey, look, it's about the experience. Gotta toughen up and initiate the newbies, don't we?" The bigger male grinned, and it was perfectly sinster.
"Sure, but do the rest of us have to smell like a Stunky because of it? Ugh."

Well, this is a mess. How do you respond?
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