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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Missingno. Master – Percy was loving this, it was obvious to him that Miror was totally buying his story. The Pokemon had kept up the act the entire time and made sure to appear very intrigued. Once Percy paused, Miror gave a very enthusiastic response so he prepared to continue speaking but then, you cut in. When you asked about the orchard that Percy had mentioned it snapped him out of whatever train of thought he had while making him jump and briefly looking at you completely startled. It would seem that he forgot about your presence in the minute or so it had been since you last spoke. “Ah–! Uhhh... Orchard? Yes. The orchard!” Percy nervously rubs the back of his head with his right arm and turns his attention back to Miror. “Why yes, little one! There is a place called Oran Orchard that is nearby! It is just over those hills that way!” The man points to the east. “They have an abundance of Nanab Berries! I’d go over there myself but this ol’ back of mine ain’t what it used to be! Heh heh heh.” Percy looks thoughtful for a moment and decides to speak again, “There is one thing that’s very important. Don’t tell anyone that you met me. It’s just that, if others know about me then they will want all of my stuff too and I only have so much to offer. You wouldn’t want to miss out because you went and told others that–”

He notices something that makes him instantly uneasy. “Well then!” He shoves the container of apple cores into his bag and gathers all of the miscellaneous things he has laying around his bag and sloppily shoves them all into it then he roughly pulls on a drawstring in order to close it. “I will be back at this spot later! The deal still stands!” He stands up and quickly throws the bag over his shoulder. “I uh… Just had something come up so I’ll be on my way now! Don’t forget our little deal!” And with that, he completely books it out of there at full speed, you soon see something fall out of his bag as he goes but he moves too fast for you to even tell him. For someone who supposedly has a bad back he sure can run. You take a moment to look at your surroundings, just to check if there is anything out of the ordinary that would cause him to take off like that. The only thing you notice is that behind you, in the direction Percy was facing, there is a male ranger casually walking by with a Lillipup beside him. Neither of them are paying any attention to you, they just seem to be slowly passing through. You go over to the item that Percy dropped and pick it up, looks like it’s a Xtransceiver. Most people choose to wear these on their wrists but this one fell from his bag. It also requires a passcode in order to go into it so you won’t be able to dig through it for any information. What will you do?
Gavin suppressed a snicker- Miror was playing his part well, and the con artist had no idea of just how skeptical and suspicious the Maractus really was. It occurred to Gavin that he might make for a decent con artist himself. Certainly, having grown up in Pyrite Town, he'd seen a true master or two at work. But that wasn't what he was about. That sort of a life didn't appeal to him in the slightest. His path in life was that of the Shiny hunter. But right now, this was something he just had to get to the bottom of.

How quickly Percy seemed to forget Gavin was standing right there, though! And how quickly he turned his attention right back to Miror to answer Gavin's question. Gavin wasn't sure whether to be amused or insulted by this, but he didn't dwell on it for all that long, considering he was getting the answer nonetheless- Oran Orchard was supposedly abundant in Nanab Berries. He then asked Miror to not tell anyone about him, supposedly because of how swamped with requests he'd be for all his stuff. Miror nodded as innocently as he could, suppressing what threatened to be uncontrollable laughter- for indeed, if he were to tell anybody about this man, he sure as hell wouldn't be doing so to advertise.

At that moment, however, Percy hastened to clean up his garbage and flee like a Raikou, which made his tales of a bad back even less credible than Gavin thought them to be in the first place. Something fell out of his bag, but he was out of earshot before it even hit the ground, so Gavin wasted not an ounce of energy trying to alert Percy to this. "What kind of idiot does he take you for?" Gavin chuckled. "And acting like I ain't even there half the time?"

"Marac, Maractus," chuckled Miror.

"Yeah, he's a fucking nutcase," nodded Gavin. "The hell even scared him off- oh, of course," he chuckled, shaking his head as he saw the ranger, with a relatively harmless puppy by his side. A puppy the likes of which Gavin had never seen in Orre before, though, so out came his P*DA, and on went the Strategy Memo.

"Lillipup, the Puppy Pokémon. Type: Normal," droned the device. "Faces strong opponents with great courage, but has the sense to flee when at a disadvantage."

"Heh, it's just like in Pyrite," smirked Gavin. "Replace the ranger with Duking, or Chief Sherles, or... well, no, maybe not Officer Johnson," he chuckled. "Any Pyrite crook worth his salt knows Johnson's an idiot."

While Gavin was reminiscing, Miror had hopped over to the dropped item. "Marac! Maractus!" he called to Gavin, scooping up the object.

"Hmm? Wh- shit, that's an Xtransceiver, isn't it?" said Gavin, noticing what Miror had picked up. "Well, maybe we can use this," he added, taking the device from his Maractus. "Go in here, dig up some dirt on the guy, and of fucking course it requires a passcode," he sighed, rolling his eyes. "OK, scratch that, if we want to find out what's going on, maybe we gotta play along," he decided. "He wants us to go to Oran Orchard? I say we go there, see exactly why he won't, because sure as shit it's not because of his back."

"Rrrractus!" agreed Miror.

"That's settled, then," grinned Gavin, leading the way towards the hills Percy had indicated.
"Oran Orchard, here we come!"

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