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Lillian began to rinkle her nose as she smelled something. She took another whiff, and figured out exactly what it smelled like. Smoke. For there to be smoke out here, chances are someone or something was getting into no good. She could hear some teenagers making a ruckus as well, and it sounded like they were in the business of being little shits. Both Lillian and Nightingale were annoyed at this, but then they smelled something even worse than just the smoke. It smelled...bad. Lillian couldn't tell what this was, but it made up her mind that she was going to find these kids and give them a piece of her mind. She could probably handle a couple of teenagers, especially if they were nobody but spineless punks anyways.

Lillian quickly stood up, not caring as the water fell from her body and splattered against the riverbank as she walked out of the river and grabbed her jacket. She swung it over her, providing a small measure of modesty, even though Lillian thought it wouldn't matter. Something just didn't seem right about confronting a bunch of teenagers in nothing but a swimsuit, especially since she was having her gun serviced and it wasn't ready in time. Simultaneously, she felt embarrassed about being exposed and yet also didn't care. Lillian wondered if Nightingale was the reason for this. She quickly scanned the area for the teenagers, ready to tell them to go fuck off once she saw them. She did have Remilia's Pokeball if the time came for that, but she would rather it remain hidden for now. She wanted them to just run away, not turn this into a fight.

Fuck these crabs
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