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Emi: You had always intended to visit Minnao Isles. It was a popular destination, and you could see why: there was a plethora of places to visit, most if not all of them beautiful, and on top of that there were beautiful women to run into all over the place thanks to its reputation as a tourist trap and the gorgeous rays that beat down on clearer spaces.

As it was, you went to where the teenagers roamed, and locals no less. It was quieter and more peaceful at least, which you needed, because you had seen some shit back in Bedlam Ridge and it was nothing that the narrator could begin to imagine. She hadn't been there, man. You discard your jacket, thin to avoid overheat, onto the river side and let the water soak your modest outfit. Strands of silver weigh down, the fabric clinging to feminine curves, and chances are we've seen enough hentai to know where this is goi--

Jokes. This is a super cereal adventure, one which is interrupted by noisy teenagers some short distance away. Their exact words can't be made out, but their tones are nothing but troublemaking, and there is the distinct stench of smoke and... Something foul. Nothing has come to devour you yet, but there might be something, someone, or a collective of the previous that you could chop some limbs off... If you want to bite, that is. You in?
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