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The Blue Valley: A little ways away from Cordina’s Peak, the valley formed by run- off from the water up top is filled mostly by an expansive river. Here, Pokemon are found on the shores of the river, and those willing to brave the waters to look into deep dwelling Pokemon must be careful for the winding rapids that happen downstream. Minnao teens often come into the valley searching for the Pokemon companion they bond with for life. Please respond in dodgerblue. This area is intended for Quick or Normal adventures.
Lillian had intended to visit Minnao at some point in her adventure, since during the winter months, it was very difficult to travel to Minnao. She hadn't been able to make the trip, however, for a while since she was busy with a variety of other things, especially after the events of Bedlam. She looked down the valley at the large river inside of it, wondering if it had the strength of a river like the Nile or the Amazon, but was unsure. Maybe if she looked it up online she could find out, but right now the river seemed to be rather peaceful, so she was looking forward to the next part. For some reason, she seemed to have some kind of recollection of doing something similar to this before...but she couldn't recall it.

Lillian walked down to the river, taking off her jacket and revealing her black swimsuit as she slowly waded into the river, keeping an eye for anything that might try to snatch her away in the river. For some reason, she had the weirdest feeling that a Carvanha was going to try to eat her. The water was cool on her skin and she shivered a little bit, trying to get used to the temperature of the water as much as she could. She had heard that teenagers came here to find the Pokemon they would spend the rest of their lives with, and given Lillian's unique situation, she was kind of like a teenager, in her own way. She held her breath before ducking her head under the water, popping her head back up as her long silver hair became wet and hung on her shoulders. The water was still a little cold, but she was getting used to it. She also showed no signs of hypothermia, which was good. She could probably perform a field amputation of her extremities if she needed to, but it would be pretty ugly, and for some reason...she didn't want to ugly herself.

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