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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post

It wasn't your first rodeo, that was for sure. However, this was an entirely new group. They had only heard whispers about this place from the original travelers, murmurs of what had occurred on their adventure. This new group felt a breath of fresh air to finally be able to wander freely, especially the gigantic serpent who was currently slithering gracefully across the calm waves. His two companions sat in his gaping maw, prepared for anything that would come at them from this peaceful looking beach island. As they reached it, the duo disembarked from their "ship" and stood upon the beach --- allowing their somewhat large friend to pull himself onto the beach.

The youngest of the trio, Trieu, was excitable. She was young, full of energy and far too enthusiastic in the large serpent's eyes. However, maybe the energy would be a welcome addition to this team. As the more elder Pokemon followed their young companion, they glanced to their sides, observing the beach in full. The young Skorupi scuttled quickly forward, not bothering to glance anywhere except ahead of her. As they kept moving, they came across what appeared to be a small sinkhole in the sand. It was probably caused by one of the hot springs drying up, leaving a gaping hole in the landscape. Trieu almost fell in, but managed to stop just before she would've done so.

As the trio peered down into the hole, they saw something that shocked them. Although their initial deduction was probably correct, they certainly did not expect to see such vasts networks of tunnels --- probably home to all sorts of creatures. Trieu let her eyes light up, before jumping into the pit, curious of what lay within the maze of tunnels. Unfortunately, it appeared as though the large serpent wouldn't be able to enter without destroying some of the homes of these Pokemon. However, he noticed a sparkle in the distance --- perhaps he should investigate that while his teammates explored their own chasm?

What do you do?
Trieu skidded to a halt, just in time to stop her from plummeting down a massive hole in the sand. Odysseus quickly caught up with Jormungand trailing behind. The Magnemite immediately inspected the hole, it seemed there was a network of tunnels running below, a truly fascinating find. The issue was that he didn't trust that Trieu would be able to restrain her childish nature while they searched. Jormungand wouldn't be able to fit in the tunnels, the Gyarados was bigger than normal but even a regular sized Gyarados would struggle to fit inside the strange tunnels beneath the sand.

"I don't like this Ody!" The Skorupi screeched, it seemed she had made a decision for him. The Skorupi scuttered around, perhaps deciding on a new course of action. In the distance she could just make out the thatched roofs of huts. There would surely be people for her to play with up there, it would be much more fun than smothering herself in sand. "I want to go over there!"

"That looks like a small village", notes Jormungand as he rears up to look into the distance. "I dare say there would be plenty of Pokemon hanging out around there, we could probably hunt for what we are after there."

Odysseus couldn't disagree with the Gyarados. Not only could they search for the item they seeked, the village would likely be a safer playground for Trieu, although she was still likely to get herself into some sort of trouble. "Alright, let's get moving then."

Trieu shot off like a rocket, carving a path through the sand as she made her way towards the Vivacious Village. Odysseus pursued her while Jormungand slowly made his way through the sand, in no rush to catch up with the pair. Thankfully the village was close to the beach, the trip only took then a few minutes. The houses of the village were little more than huts, constructed from mud and thatch. The trio looked around for anything of interest. Trieu spotted something in the middle of the village, some sort of makeshift arena.

"OOOOOOOO fighting!" The Skorupi darted off once more, proving a continual issue for her supervisors.

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