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((Ugh stop making me want a Stufful will you? :P))

The sight of Snivy’s shadow twisting and turning on its own prompts the brave Mille to act on her own, much to your surprise. She lunges forward and intentionally slams herself against the floor, sensing it would have no effect on the shifting darkness whatsoever… which is precisely her plan!!
Gathering energy in her paws, the Stufful proceeds to mercilessly pummel the living shadow with a series of angry stomps, over and over and over again, causing the very ground to shake under the bear’s unassuming level of power! When she finally stops, nothing seems to happen for a while, until a loud screech echoes throughout the corridor…

Snivy looks over at Mille, and then to you, with a mixture of astonishment and gratitude for our actions. It seems the Grass-Type understands the predicament it was in, and is thankful for your timely intervention. Indeed, Snivy’s shadow has stopped moving altogether… but something else does – your own shadow projected on the floor!

Suddenly, something you cannot put into words overwhelms you – as if an invisible, almighty puppeteer began controlling your movements. Helpless, you can only watch as your hand is forcefully brought to your belt and wraps itself around Mille’s empty PokéBall, then unclips it. Against your will, your arm rises and takes aim at the Stufful, ready to recall her… until a flurry of rainbow leaves surrounds you, before homing in on your shadow like arrows! Immediately you feel the supernatural grip be lifted, and you can once again control your own actions – this time around, Snivy was the one to help you!

The screech is heard once more, but this time around, there are no more dancing shadows. Instead a lump of darkness emerges from the ground some feet away from you, and slowly takes the shape of an imp; its body turns purple, and glistening gems cover its body. The Sableye looks over to you, wincing in pain, then skitters across the floor along the corridor to the South, peering over its shoulder several times to see if you’re following.

Has it fled for good? Does it want to be followed? Or did it run off to get backup, alerting the other Pokemon on patrol to your presence?
The choice has to be made quickly. Will you let the Sableye go and choose a different route for yourself, or will you give chase to the ghostly creature?



You grab the bait from the overenthusiastic clerk, who seems to genuinely believe you actually care about his business, and make off for the docked boats a little further down the shore by the water.
The little vessels are, at the lack of a better definition, terrible. Made of mouldy wood that looks about as impermeable as a sponge, each boat looks like it can barely carry a single person across a lake, let alone any extra number of fish. But once you finally gather the courage to step inside one and make for the open sea, you’re surprised to find S.S. Shipwreck can actually hold its own surprisingly well with you and Princess aboard – not a droplet of water passes through the old wood planks, and despite the incessant squeaking it makes with every tiny wave it encounters, the boat seems perfectly capable of withstanding your combined weight as well as that of most fish you can realistically expect to reel in.

You see several other people have already taken up the challenge, scouring every corner of the Fishing Cove with their rods in hand, ready to catch whatever comes their way. Fewer and fewer, however, seem to have ventured North as you make your way towards your intended destination. In fact, only three other Trainers seem to have chosen the same spot as you, where fish are rare both in species and in number. All of them, however, hold a clear advantage over you: each of the three participants has a Super Rod, indicating they are no newbies to the game, whereas you can only rely on your standard-issue equipment…

Keh… Fools, all of them!”

The voice comes a short distance from where you stand. Looking over, you spot a most curious sight: an elderly man, probably well in his nineties, completely bald, sits cross-legged on top of a lazy-looking Tirtouga - who should by all accounts be long-extinct, much like the man riding it.

“Hello there young lady,” he greets with perhaps excessive enthusiasm in his tone. “Why, you look like a fine prospect if I ever saw one!”

He gets up as fast as his centennial joints allow, then taps the Tirtouga’s shell with his sandal-wearing foot. Nothing happens. After a second, more violent stomp though, the turtle seems to come to life, and slowly swims its way towards your boat.

“Tell you what Miss,” he whispers as if about to divulge the answer to life, the Universe and everything, “I know exactly how to find the one Pokémon in Fishing Cove that will put all others to shame. All you gotta do… is a little favour for old Gashi here. What do you say, heh?”

The old man gives off an uncomfortable vibe and you’d be surprised if he ever heard of a personal bubble. Besides, time is of the essence in this sort of contest and you’re not too sure Gashi is a reliable source. On the other hand, extra help from a knowledgeable elder might be just what you need to sweep the competition and win the whole thing… What do you say?
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