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Some say silence is golden, and this couldn't be more true within this trio of usual loners. They walked in silence, the only sound around them was the natural sounds of the deep forest around them. The forest wasn't as calm as what one would expect upon just hearing the term 'forest', it was rather dark --- most light blotted out by the tremendous trees that grew around them. The forest was twisted, contorted by the venom that seemed to permeate from all around them. Poisonous exotic planets spouted from beneath the twisted and gnarled tree trunks that they passed as they walked, their various prints lining the forest floor.

Why were they in such a place? Well, in the pursuit of treasure of course. Although the forest wasn't exactly the most welcoming place, the dark types, with their somewhat venomous personalities might fight in fine here. The island itself was mostly inaccessible by humans, which was probably for the best. The poisonous plants and young trainers may not exactly mix in the best way, and we certainly wouldn't want any causalities. But frankly, this wasn't their concern.

As the trio walked by a particularly large tree, they noticed what appeared to be a small hollow under the gnarled branches --- probably some sort of den or burrow for some sort of creature. Hanging from the front of the den, or rather, hole --- was a crudely made dream catcher. Instead of feathers hanging off the circular center piece, three sharp claws hung, swaying gently as though something had just entered or exited the cave. It was odd to see a dreamcatcher of all things in such a place, there were no humans here... and it was such a man made object. Perhaps whatever lived here, had stolen it from a human. And in that case... who would question it if you returned the favor by taking it for yourself?

The dreamcatcher is certainly an odd sight, perhaps you could take it for yourself? What do you do?


It wasn't your first rodeo, that was for sure. However, this was an entirely new group. They had only heard whispers about this place from the original travelers, murmurs of what had occurred on their adventure. This new group felt a breath of fresh air to finally be able to wander freely, especially the gigantic serpent who was currently slithering gracefully across the calm waves. His two companions sat in his gaping maw, prepared for anything that would come at them from this peaceful looking beach island. As they reached it, the duo disembarked from their "ship" and stood upon the beach --- allowing their somewhat large friend to pull himself onto the beach.

The youngest of the trio, Trieu, was excitable. She was young, full of energy and far too enthusiastic in the large serpent's eyes. However, maybe the energy would be a welcome addition to this team. As the more elder Pokemon followed their young companion, they glanced to their sides, observing the beach in full. The young Skorupi scuttled quickly forward, not bothering to glance anywhere except ahead of her. As they kept moving, they came across what appeared to be a small sinkhole in the sand. It was probably caused by one of the hot springs drying up, leaving a gaping hole in the landscape. Trieu almost fell in, but managed to stop just before she would've done so.

As the trio peered down into the hole, they saw something that shocked them. Although their initial deduction was probably correct, they certainly did not expect to see such vasts networks of tunnels --- probably home to all sorts of creatures. Trieu let her eyes light up, before jumping into the pit, curious of what lay within the maze of tunnels. Unfortunately, it appeared as though the large serpent wouldn't be able to enter without destroying some of the homes of these Pokemon. However, he noticed a sparkle in the distance --- perhaps he should investigate that while his teammates explored their own chasm?

What do you do?


The Rattata backed up, startled by Hope's sudden outcry. He seemed unperturbed, other than the distinct ringing he now heard in his ears. He took a few more steps back upon being hit by the two shock waves --- grunting loudly, before seeing Hope seemingly prepare something within her cheeks. He held up his hands, as if to say 'woah hey, don't shoot.'. Before falling back on his pads, glancing up at Hope. He gave a snarky smile, padding back towards Hope. "Ya know sweetcheeks, I like em feisty..." He grinned, flicking his tail. His fur was sparked with static from the electric attacks.. but he didn't seem to be running, but that tail twitch was beginning to look a little odd. She couldn't be sure what sort of thing he was doing... until of course she saw the glowing eyes coming up from behind him. It seemed as though he had summoned a few friends, all of which seemed angry --- their sharp eyes glaring into Hope.

One Rattata, no problem. A family of Rattata? Well.. that could be a different story. She glanced at the now growing group of rats, ready to unleash her gunk shot. She hoped her friends had heard her bellowing screams... they had to have.


Caeda and Kaitlyn meanwhile, had of course heard the bellowed cries. Knowing full well that their friend wasn't exactly one to contain her anger, they began to head in her general direction. The Donphan and Seviper seemed reluctant, probably wanting to just leave it to their new "friends" but they followed nonetheless. As they approached, they noticed their ghost friend surrounded by many many Rattata. Luckily for them, the family hadn't noticed their presence yet. Perhaps a sneak attack was in order?

What do you do?

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