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Ben Simmons looked really good last night. Don't let the shooting percentages fool you, he made great use of his physicality in addition to having phenomenal passing vision to get nine assists in only 22 minutes on the SIXERS. Seeing him play on an NBA court for the first time, I honestly have him as my ROTY over Lonzo or Fultz because I think Simmons has had more time to adjust to the NBA game and has a more NBA-friendly body.

I for one don't blame players for wanting to get some championships, because even if they make a move, between injuries and unknown chemistry issues, no team is ever guaranteed to win a ring. It's all about having fun where you are and playing to the best of your abilities. Like you brought up with your point about David West, there is usually a give and take with these issues, too. Like, you can be Allen Crabbe and get paid 20 mil per year on the Brooklyn Nets, or you can be Pau Gasol or David West and take a massive paycut to go to a team that you feel like you can contribute to while actually having a chance to win big games.

I think the team with the biggest chance to fall significantly in the standings this year is the Raptors. I just don't know what the path upwards is for them at this point, but we shall see.

(Real talk though, Drummond hit 75% of his free throws last night! Pistons for the playoffs?)

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