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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Trading Nest Ball #1 of 5 to MedMana for 60.

*Trade Commenced*

Correcting a documentation error with MM's help and actually getting a Nest Ball in my inventory in exchange for $60! Arigatou~!

*Trade Closed*

Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
I'm really filling up this thread at the moment....

Trading my lvl 5 female Passimian to Med for 2 Rare Candies (moves are in my trainer post)

Trade opened
It was unusual to find both the library and study room both devoid of tangrowth simultaneously, even when all the other denizens of the Crystalline Cathedral were eating a meal together. While that wasn't exactly a troubling situation on it's own- everyone's gotta move about more than two rooms on their own, after all- it did raise a few alarm bells in Chroma's mind when this was the case right after a loud bang sounded off in the distance. "Has anyone seen Berue?!" she asked in a panic as she rushed into the central hall.

All of the pokemon that had already gathered there looked at each other briefly before signaling that they hadn't in their own ways. "Really? That's... odd. She isn't exactly a stealthy one..." She coughed and returned to a more serious demeanor. "Very well then, we'll look for her! Louise, Butternut, scour the basement! Miapladicus, Elenchos, you're to help me search the area outside! Is everyone clear on this?" Naturally, she got a slew up confirmations just before the team broke up to do their part.

Not long after she stepped outdoors, another burst of noise rang from the woods to the east. "Mia/Plad, change of plans! Stay with me, please!" The staryu quickly floated to her side as she headed in the direction the sound came from. "Something definitely isn't right..."

Another sound came, this time with a visible burst of fire. "There! Let us hurry, now!" Chroma broke into a run as the Starshape Pokemon followed closely via Rapid Spin and finally entered a clearing filled with various mixing vats and hard-looking berries. In the middle of the field stood the missing tangrowth, unharmed and seemingly speaking with some sort of simian pokemon Chroma had never seen before. The monkey nodded and tossed a berry into a sky, which burst into five lines of flame with a pop- evidently, it had used some sort of artificial Fire Blast! "Ooh, impressive!"

Berue turned around suddenly, and nodded a greeting upon realizing who the visitor was. She motioned toward the monkey pokemon, who looked to be a little wary now. "Grooo!"

'"Meet my new assistant!", she says,' Miapladicus' voice translated in the human's mind. 'Whatever this potentially festive-looking lady is, it looks like we might just have to send her an invitation to our oddball way of life~!'

~ ~ ~

Trading TKF's Lv. 5 female passimion w/ Fire Blast, Iron Head, and Vital Throw for my two Rare Candies.

*Trade Closed*
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