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I really like Dirk but disagree with his opinion here. "Being loyal" sounds nice and all, but at the end of the day who can blame these guys for wanting to win? It's way LeBron made "The Decision" in the first place. It's why David West took like a $10 million paycut to sign with the Warriors. And to be honest those who want to "stay loyal" can have fun with that, but they're most likely not going to win a championship. IIRC John Wall and Damian Lillard have both made some comments about staying loyal but look where they are. The Wizards are probably the third to fifth best team in the East depending on how the Bucks and Raptors do. Maaaybe they upset the Celtics and make a run at the conference finals? But best case scenario they're losing to the Cavs. The Blazers, on the other hand could very well miss the playoffs with how stacked the West is. I mean if it makes him feel good that he's staying loyal that's fine, but it doesn't change the fact that the Blazers have no shot at making it out of the first round of the playoffs.

Speaking of the playoffs, Sixers are gunning for the sixth seed. You heard it here first. (that's best case scenario in my opinion, injuries and shit could make it worse lol) No worse than the eight seed though. Playoffs baby!
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