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Many in the online basketball community have called this offseason "the greatest offseason of all time," and it's not hard to see why.

This video briefly recaps all the deals that have gone down this year:

Spoiler: show

By far, this is the offseason with the most movement of guys who were the number 1 or 2 option on their respective teams in recent NBA history, even in recent sports history in general. Most of the teams contending for a title or trying to compete for a title have very new looks on their rosters. (Notable exceptions? The Warriors (if it ain't broke...) and the Spurs (not surprising from this team, the rookies that they picked up are pretty interesting and I think they're playing the long game, per usual, but they picked up Rudy Gay, who would have arguably been the #1 guy in Sacramento if he were healthy) (Also the Wizards, but their biggest issue has always been depth and health. They have all of their main three guys on big deals and all of them are healthy to begin with)).

The reasons that all of these high-seeded playoff teams have been making these moves are obvious. For some, like the Bulls and the Knicks (not a playoff team but my point stands), the stars just wouldn't have cut it to challenge the Cavs, much less the Warriors, and their path forward is one of rebuilding around young talents. For others, like the Clippers, the chemistry on the team just wasn't working out, and they needed a new start. But for the ones that got those stars? For the Rockets, the Thunder, and the Timberwolves of the world? They needed to make these big moves to even have a chance at STARTING to challenge what the Warriors created. The NBA seems to be moving towards a "superteam or bust" mentality, and that's not necessarily a bad thing (especially if you're a fan of those wannabe superteams like me lol), but it's certainly different from anything we've seen before. Dirk said it best:
Originally Posted by German Jesus
“The new NBA is a little different, it’s about making money, it's about winning and not as much about being loyal anymore.
Yeah yeah, this all stinks of an old man shaking his fist at these darn unloyal kids, but the reality is that players are looking out for their own financial and legacy-related interests now, and teams are having to adjust to the times.
The point that Dirk is making is that players are controlling their own fates more now and that they aren't willing to try to make what they've got work (see: Dirk and the 2011 Mavs), instead seeking what they're pretty sure will work (see: Melo waiving his no-trade clause to be the #3 option next to Paul George and reigning MVP Russ). It stinks for less fortunate fans (*cough cough* Hawks fans) because they can't always point to their cult hero and rely on him to stay on that team his whole career (DAMN YOU SCALIBRINE), between the team potentially trading him or the player leaving. It's a new look, and one that demands that you are able to appreciate basketball being played at its highest level more than being devoted to any one fanbase.
But hey, Warriors fans already have that down pat :P

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