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Your first capture, a surely momentous occasion for you and Eclair alike. Eclair approached the small pink ball, picking it up and dutifully handing it to you. You were in awe, this officially marked your first true milestone as a trainer. Although the little creature was a little... aggressive. I mean, it had tried to kill a little girl by chomping down her life force. But it was still very cute, and the best part was --- it was yours, and the girl was of course safe. As your stared at the pink Pokeball that Eclair had handed you, you felt the girl begin to stir in your arms. You looked down, seeing her shocked expression as she noticed a stranger.

Although you tried to make the girl feel calm, she begin to bawl loudly. You were unsure if she was more upset by the fact that she was scared and alone with you, a stranger; or, if she was mad that her clothes had been ruined. She shook as you introduced yourself, her small body shaking with every muffled sob and whimper that protruded from her mouth. She nodded rapidly as you spoke about trying to help her, a smile forming before her lips slowly contorted into a small squiggled frown upon seeing your new friend.

"P-p-palmier is a p-p-pretty name..." She shook as more tears streamed down her face, it was obvious she was quite afraid of the small candle. You had to wonder how much the girl remembered before the candle started snacking on her life. "T-t-the pretty c-c-candle made me feel funny..." She looks up at you, confused. "I remember touching it... and t-t-then I remember waking up in your arms, M-miss A-phee-na." You giggled hearing the young girl struggle with you name, you had to wonder how old she actually was.

"I live..." She looked around, glancing towards the large hole in front of her, and then backwards towards a large mausoleum. "O-over there... past grandpa's home." She pointed towards the mausoleum, she suddenly seemed to have a realization. "I came to visit grandpa! But the cute melty thing was floating near him, it was too pretty to ignore..." She glanced towards the mausoleum again, "I was ah-pposed to read him a story... mama says it helps him rest..."

It seems the girl came to visit her grandpa, she wants to read him a story... but it's late --- maybe you should just get her home? What do you do?


Sylvi stared down the large door, glancing at you as you began to speak to her. She chuckled to herself hearing you speak of a hero turning his back before he even began his true quest, she flashed you a smile --- her green eyes sparkling in the light. "I suppose you're right... no hero is truly that cowardly." She still seemed uneasy, but hearing you speak so lightly about your adventure seemed to calm her mind slightly. She glanced forwards as Boudicca kicked the doors open with ease, she felt a foreboding presence resonating from the castle... she hated it here. She had been here countless times, what business did an outsider have here? He seemed to not be fully aware of the mad king, but perhaps it was just a facade..? She couldn't be sure, but part of her wanted to keep an eye on him.

Hearing him offer his protection made her raise her eyebrows, he sure looked capable... but she wasn't sure if that was a good thing. The madness always affected people like him, and she wasn't sure if he would be able to handle the depths of the castle. She flashed a smile, stepping off her Rapidash. He had sent his Dartrix to investigate, and she returned at a rather brisk pace. She dropped a map of the castle in Jason's arms, allowing him to know where to go.

"Well... I suppose I have nothing else to do. But you don't have to worry much, I'm only afraid of the madness. I have my own means of defense." She gave a coy smile, gesturing towards the map. "Which part of the castle do you want to go to first?"

You heard the lady, where do you wanna go first? What do you do?


Your Pikachu sighed, sometimes his trainer was a little too naive... but why ruin your master's fun? She was right, and Mio knew it. Leaving without a teammate was a poor choice, who knew what would happen in such a dark and dreary place. Although you seemed oblivious to the stench of the death are you, Mio knew all too well that these were not mere decorations. Mio watched as you extended your hand to pick up one of the "fake" bones to take back with you --- she gave a sharp intake of breath and shocked your hand away.

You found Mio to be especially rude today, she could've just gestured to a better pile of bones! Besides, you already had a pumpkin --- bones would be perfect for your own Halloween display! You sighed, walking back towards the skeleton that had caused you to flee. You noticed that it marked a crossroads in the underground, branching off to two paths only illuminated by Mio's flash. The right sounded like someone was cleaning something, or at least that's what you assumed. You must have missed the festival, again. Normally, you'd want to help in the effort... but your Pokemon took priority. You turned on your heels and went down the left path, which you were positive that you heard moaning and sobbing down. As your Pikachu lead the way, you could hear the moaning getting louder. You rounded another corner, only to see the back of someone in pure white robes. Whoever it was, looked very upset. Hunched over, letting out those awful wails and sobs. They were slowly placing a skull on top of the various bones lining the corridors, through Mio's light, you could see that the skull had some sort of spongy red substance on it. Maybe it was jelly from the party sandwiches? Now you really wished you hadn't missed it.

Mio immediately felt a chill shoot down her spine, there was clearly something wrong here... and was that blood dripping from the skull? You guys really needed to get out of here, maybe there was some way to convince her trainer to leave this area. Mio silently tugged on you pants, pointing to the hunched over figure in an attempt to warn you of the blood. What do you do?
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