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Not a great answer, but still some sort of answer (edited for clarity):
Spoiler: show

+phoopes: hey, does anyone know anything about how replays are stored?
+phoopes: *link to your question*
Tibetpotalapalace: Some sort of dynamic stack
+phoopes: can you possibly be a little more detailed than that?
+phoopes: Anyone?
@wgma('̀-'́): I think that's closed source so iunno
+Crimson Chin: Are you asking how much data they use for it?
+phoopes: yeah I guess it's how much data is taken up
+phoopes: and going along with that how it's stored
babiboo: download a replay and you can see the way theyre stored
babiboo: just imagine a ton of those on a server
+phoopes: yeah babiboo, it's an HTML file that's a little less than 50 kilobytes
+phoopes: the question is if they're compressed further
babiboo: yes, theyre smaller than that
babiboo: when stored
+phoopes: do you know how small?
+jumbowhales: afaik it's not open information
babiboo: nope. i just know that theres no way in hell theyre leaving them that large
+phoopes: and how exactly? "some sort of dynamic stack" isn't too specific
babiboo: ask the guy that built the server
+phoopes: do you know who that is babiboo? lol
+Crimson Chin: I assume they leave like the format they send over websocket.
babiboo: no idea.
+Crimson Chin: So remove the html junk and that's probably about how big they are.
babiboo: ^

Hope that helps!
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