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Originally Posted by phoopes View Post
Update: actually logged into PS! for the first time in forever and according to a driver in the help room, there was a problem with the replay server and all the old replays will be reuploaded ASAP. All replays have been recovered, it's just a matter of uploading them. Yay!
That's good news to hear. Say what we will about Smogon, I've always been positively impressed by the Showdown team. It's why I was so surprised that they took away perma-replays without telling anyone, or without making it more obvious to the public that they were going to do it. I know raseri, others, and occasionally Zarel use that News window to provide news updates, but let's be honest -- if they put a notice in there saying "We are going to take away your replays. Archive them soon ", most people probably wouldn't spring into action until it were too late.

I was also kind of surprised by it since my understanding is that the replay files are hilariously small to the Showdown team. I just saved one to see, and it looks like as HTML files they are just shy of 50 kilobytes. If you assume that 100,000 replays are saved to the server daily, that would come out to 47.7 GB annually. Seems rather large to me. If, on the other hand, you assume that people are generally more responsible (and don't bother saving replays unless they're really spectacular battles or unless they have need to share them with friends at a later place and time; I'd say I mostly use it for that second one), and you reduce the number from 100,000 to just 5,000, then it comes out to the more manageable 2.38 GB/yr. That's still a lot of data to house for free imo, but maybe there's compression and other things that are done when Zarel houses it server-side. Maybe it's not even HTML until you elect to download it to your own hard drive. Maybe it's a much tinier text file that's only 1 KB or smaller. *shrug* Now I'm actually rather curious. Do you know more about this, phoopes?
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