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Huh. So ... apparently Showdown is no longer saving replays indefinitely? Just clicked on some older replays to check them out. They no longer work, and return the error message that you get when someone mistakenly posts a link to the battle room rather than to the battle replay:
" The battle you're looking for has expired. Battles expire after 15 minutes of inactivity unless they're saved.

In the future, remember to click Save replay to save a replay permanently."
I can still view uploads as recently made as September 29 just fine. But replays two weeks old are gone.

For reference's sake, here is a brand new replay upload. We'll see how long it lasts.

Side note: the message is so old, there isn't even a "Save Replay" option anymore. It's either "Upload and share replay" (which is what we always use to save the replay to Showdown's server for sharing here) or else it's "Download replay" to download the replay file to your hard drive.
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