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Unremarkable except for the ending. (Random Doubles, 11 turns) Match was effectively over beyond possible repair after Turn 9. Guy takes his sweet time to send out his final, half-dead Pokémon that I will one-shot with Psyshock. Then proceeds to pointlessly use Baneful Bunker even though it can do nothing for him. (No passive recovery, no KO via poison, nothing.) Just an utter waste of time, Turn 10 is. Even Turn 11, really. Guy should have forfeited at conclusion of Turn 9.

Why it's remarkable is, his Elo was 1698 going into this match. That would have made him nothing less than 40th place on the current ladder. An impressive rank, and one which just goes to show:

Even at the highest rungs of the ladder, you still get sour grapes.


With this game, I've reached an Elo score of 1616 and am currently ranked 181st on the Random Doubles ladder, a new personal best.


IT JUST HAPPENED AGAIN! Guy who was in 10th place on the ladder insta-ragequit because of a disfavorable matchup out of the gate. What is with such low-ladder behavior coming out of the very top players? Unbelievable. He just fell from 10th to 22nd (still a great rank!) without even so much as trying. Catapulted my alt to an Elo of 1611, so ... on to Alt #3 now, I guess.


All three alts above 1600 now. Elo of 1620, ladder ranking of 164, new PB.

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