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The battle for the fate of the world raged on, the gathered Trainers issuing commands (for the most part). Alex was able to catch Keith's attention, asking for Hedwig to help Fragarath with the plan to clear out the Stealth Rock and the stat boosts, though Keith shook his head as Alex demonstrated confidence that Stewie couldn't hit multiple targets at once. "Actually, he can, and much more than just two at once," Keith responded quickly and urgently. "Hedwig, help out Fragarath! Use Defog and-"

But before he could begin to say "Haze", Stewie lashed out at once with irrefutable proof that Alex's assessment was dead wrong- Stewie was in fact capable of hitting multiple targets in one go, and that's just what he was doing now. Sinister purple spikes of pure energy jutted out of the ground, hitting absolutely every Pokémon present for super effective damage (except Totsuka, of course). This knocked out nobody, miraculously, but several of the combatants looked as though they had only just avoided being knocked out by the Shadow Rave.

This seemed to spur the others into action. Dichromatia was quick to swap out her Inkay for her Mawile, while Berue, low on health though she was, managed to copy Stewie's stat boosts with a Psych Up. "Blast!" Stewie exclaimed, foreseeing the potential for a big problem, and sought to solve said problem with great haste. Recklessly he charged at the Ancient Power, and slammed a fist into it, attempting to power straight through with a Rock Smash. The Ancient Power, however, was not so easily dispelled. While much of its momentum was sapped away by the Fighting move, Stewie was still blasted backwards by the super effective move, taking significant damage. Knowing that that wasn't the end of it, however, he readied a Swift attack to fend off the Shock Wave. This saw significantly better results, the two attacks seeming to cancel each other out, just as a pleasant chiming sound rang out all over the battlefield.

Indeed, Sera's Heal Bell was ringing loud and clear, each chime a soothing reminder to all on her side that the fight was far from over, and far from unwinnable. The miraculous nature of the move melted the ice that held Wendy in place, and even the confused Pokémon started to snap out of it, returned to their senses by the beautiful move. And as Wendy regained mobility, Sera's Heal Pulse helped to heal her up. Stewie scowled unpleasantly as this took place, which was fortunate for Butternut, as this allowed him to plant a Leech Seed on Stewie! Ginny, on the other hand, saw her's coming and sliced the seed clean in two with Psycho Cut. The Incinerate that followed hurt both of them, and to Stewie's chagrin, somehow didn't burn up the Leech Seed's roots, which had started to sprout.

Ginny scowled as Stewie started to lose focus, a direct result of Grace's Fatal Attraction. She raced over to her king's side and delivered an irritated Scratch upside his head. Minimal damage dealt by her, she made damn sure of that, but it nevertheless snapped Stewie out of it. With that settled, Ginny turned to Grace, holding her in place with a positively frightening Mean Look. "So, trying to steal my man, hmm?" she hissed. As Grace dashed in for a Quick Attack, Ginny was just as quick herself, reacting deftly with a point-blank Sucker Punch, and spitting a Toxic Grace's way as the attack hit. Grace the Emolga was badly poisoned!

Despite the Shadow Rave, both Fragarath and Hedwig worked together, blowing Ginny's Stealth Rock clean away with Defog. But then, there was the Haze to worry about. Ginny knew that if Stewie lost his powerups, the battle was lost. But then she saw Daphne burrowing underground. She recalled what she heard Hyrem order... she was soon to be on the business end of a Whirlwind. Perhaps she could use that to her advantage...

"GET THESE BLOODY THINGS OFF OF ME!" Stewie bellowed angrily as the Leech Seed's roots entangled him. In his rage, he flailed his four fists, and found himself quite unamused when Totsuka saw this as a perfect opportunity to prove to Stewie that she had what it took to hit him with something super effective. "Let me tell you exactly what I think of this!" Stewie roared, firing String Shot at Totsuka's face, trying specifically to cover her eyes. This, he knew, would screw with her aim, prevent her from grabbing him with the Fire Punch, for all he had to do was swoop out of the way. "You will come to appreciate my efforts before long- you and I, after all, are both Shadow Pokémon, and it is precisely for the sake of our kind that I seek to reshape the world. But for now... you should rest," sneered Stewie, landing a final Drain Punch, robbing the Zangoose of the last of her hit points. Totsuka the Shadow Zangoose is knocked out!

Daphne emerged from the ground, launching a Whirlwind as soon as she saw Ginny. The only issue with that being Ginny's current position- she had flown straight at Fragarath's Haze, and while it had cleared out her stat boosts (and Defense drop), she was frantically spinning in a Swords Dance attack, trying her best to keep the black smoke at bay. She knew she couldn't hold it back forever, though, and therein lay her plan for Daphne's Whirlwind- not only was Ginny blown back a bit by the move, the Whirlwind inadvertently blew away the rest of the black smoke, causing it to drift harmlessly away from the battle! Haze had worked, but only on Ginny- her crafty efforts prevented it from ever reaching Stewie! Moreover, the Magnet Rise was allowing Ginny to use the planet's magnetism to combat the Whirlwind. She couldn't help but fly back a bit, but through a great effort on her part (aided by that last Swords Dance, the effects of which Haze hadn't managed to clear away), she was able to remain in the battle. Of course, now she had the oncoming Shiftry to contend with as it readied a Rock Smash, but she was undeterred. She took the Rock Smash, and took decent damage from it, but came back from it quite well, ready with a super effective blow of her own- a full-power Revenge attack, further fueled by the Rock Smash, hitting Daphne at full force, with a Swords Dance behind that. And while this was by no means the first bit of damage Daphne had taken in the battle, but as Ginny flew off to go to Stewie's side, Daphne was still standing...

Stewie was facing attacks on all sides. Psychic from Freighya, Shock Wave from Ryuko (and after a Nasty Plot, no less!), Flamethrower from Wendy... were it not for his shadowy aura powering him up, things would look quite dire for him. Ginny, however, flew in, having dealt with Daphne, and shielded Stewie not only from the Psychic (which, oddly, seemed to target her as well), but also from the Shock Wave- she still had Motor Drive, after all, and thus was made faster once more. The Flamethrower, however, got the both of them, hitting for significant damage on both of them. Neither of them were knocked out, though Ginny was starting to betray signs of tiredness and exhaustion. Stewie noticed this, though also noticed that in spite of it, Ginny was still fighting, looking nowhere near ready to give up. That vile Pawniard... she refuses to be stopped, Stewie thought to himself. And all for me... All for the sake of me and my grandiose plans for world domination... Though before this train of thought could leave the station, Stewie noticed that Ginny's steel armor was looking quite scorched. Ginny the Pawniard was burned!

Ginny turned his attention to Wendy, red eyes flashing with fury at the sight of the overgrown lizard who dared to burn his queen. "That tears it!" Stewie barked. For an instant, he considered an Ice Punch, but decided against it. Why focus on just one opponent when he could target them all, and very likely take out Wendy in the process? Yes... very likely it would insult her that he didn't think her worth his while to focus on specifically. Taken out as an afterthought... that surely would sting, wouldn't it? With this in mind, Stewie shot out another Shadow Rave, hitting all the participating Pokémon once again, and with more noticeable results than last time. Ryuko the Plusle, Amatsuru the Ponyta, Fragarath the Honchkrow, and Hedwig the Crobat were all knocked out! Those that weren't knocked out were looking decidedly more worn out. Indeed, it was only Sera's Heal Pulse that prevented Wendy from being lumped in with the others Stewie had just taken out. But then, as Stewie started to charge up another Shadow Rave, Daphne came up behind him unexpectedly, and the battlefield rocked with the force of her Explosion! Her allies were at sufficient distance to not take damage from it, but Stewie took the blast at point blank range. A devastating blow, and it was only Stewie's stat boosts that allowed him to withstand the blast at all.

Keith whipped out the Poké Ball and aimed it at his fallen Crobat. "Come back now, Hedwig!" he exclaimed, calling back the Crobat. "You leave Stewie's stat boosts to me," he said to Alex, producing another Poké Ball. "He's weakening. We can do this. Now!" he added, throwing the Poké Ball. "Gemini! Come on out!"

And in a flash of light, Keith's Weezing materialized, a more forceful and formidable presence than most Weezing get to claim to be. Both heads looked determined, and indeed, as Stewie saw them appear, he knew things were about to get even tougher for him.

Ginny flew up in front of Gemini and Mustard, burned, panting, but looking undeterred. "No..." she panted. "Don't... do it..." And she fired a Psycho Cut towards the Weezing, who deflected the Psychic move with Gyro Ball (said Psychic move having been enfeebled by the burn).

"Gemini! Clear Smog attack!" Keith called out, just as the bright sunlight subsided. At this, the ominous clouds reformed at once, Stewie's insidious machinery still hard at work, and the Shadow Sky began to fall once more. Only Stewie and Ginny seemed unfazed by the bursts of light raining down from above, the latter due to the concoction Stewie had splashed her with- everyone else was taking damage gradually. And flying deftly around Ginny, Gemini and Mustard unleashed white clouds into Stewie's face. Stewie coughed and sputtered as he flew out of the clouds, but the damage had been done- all of Stewie's stat boosts had been finally removed! Moreover, Sera's Psychic had taken hold at that point, and the Shadow Ledian could not move! Ginny feebly floated before Stewie, trying to defend him, even fortifying herself with an Iron Defense for good measure, only to hesitate as a Sweet Scent reached her nostrils. She would then take a Power-Up Punch from Louise. Were it not for that timely Iron Defense, she would have been knocked clean out by that. And Stewie shouted angrily as he took the Incinerate attack that Ginny was too distracted to shield him from- Louise's Sweet Scent, while it worked on Ginny, was quite needless against the immobilized Stewie. But would Ginny last much longer in this battle?

The answer, as it turned out, was no. Zatch was still in the battle, and was suddenly Binding Ginny hard! And following that up was an Aqua Tail, knocking Ginny down to the ground, and out. Ginny the Pawniard was knocked out!

"We're winning!" Keith exclaimed, emboldened by this success. "Now, I'll finish this up!" he added, moving his arms. Stewie gritted his teeth, unable to fight the Psychic grip Sera had on him as he saw that flash of purple from Keith's left wrist- from the Poisonium Z set into his Z-Ring.

"Blast..." grunted Stewie, glowering at the Weezing before him. Both Gemini and Mustard knew what was to happen now, and that it did not bode well for Stewie.

"Our minds, our spirits, linked as one!" exclaimed Keith. "A power as intense as the Plague Swamp of Cascadia! Feel the poison- BE the poison!"

"Weeeeez!" exclaimed Gemini and Mustard simultaneously, as the Z-Power flowed into them, powering them up, strengthening them, turning their Gunk Shot into something far stronger, far greater, far more effective.

"And now! For the sake of the world!" Keith declared. "Use Acid Downpour!!!"


Gemini surrounded itself with its Z-Power!

Gemini unleashes its full-force Z-Move!


Acid Downpour
Swirls of poisonous energy spiraled out from the Weezing, and at the same time, the ground beneath Stewie turned to a smelly, horribly poisonous swamp. And at the same time, vicious purple clouds formed above Stewie. "WEEEEZIIIIIIING!!!" bellowed Gemini and Mustard simultaneously, and this was the cue for the clouds to open up, raining a horribly poisonous substance down onto the Shadow Ledian. This forced him to crash into the swamp, where the poisonous substances reacted to damage Noctowl even further. And then, the swamp and the poisonous rain was all gone, though the damage it had caused was not. Indeed, as the Leech Seed sapped a final handful of hit points away, Stewie collapsed to the ground at long last- Stewie the Shadow Ledian was knocked out!

"We... we did it!" Keith smiled, relieved. He then approached his feebly stirring Shadow Ledian and swiped the remote from him. "Alright," he stated. "Let's turn this infernal machine off once and for all!"

The remote was relatively simple. A big dark purple button, which Stewie had pressed to start up the machine. A cowboy hat-shaped button, which he had pressed to activate the rewired Xtransceiver that sprayed Keith with the anti-Shadow Sky formula. And there was one other button- a button designed to look like a Voltorb. "Well, if the rest of the remote is anything to go by, this button's pretty self-explanatory... but I better make sure," Keith stated. He turned to Ginny, who was sitting up, looking worriedly at Stewie. "Ginny," Keith said. "This is an order- I need you to tell me- this Voltorb button on Stewie's remote, will it destroy the machine?"

"...Pawn," replied Ginny, giving a small nod, her eyes tearing up.

"OK," Keith sighed in relief. "Then here we go!" And with that, he pressed the Voltorb button.

Back at the site of Keith's former Secret Base, the underground machine exploded immediately. The smoke took a while to clear, but when it did, it revealed naught but a still-smoking crater. The tree, the wreckage, the machinery, it had all been vaporized by the blast.

And yet, back on Stargazer Island, Keith was looking up at the sky, and most disconcertingly, not seeing the Shadow Sky dissipating. In fact, if anything, it was slowly starting to gain power. "...OK, why is nothing changing?" Keith asked nervously.

He was answered by a feeble yet maniacal laugh as Stewie sat up. "Because you're too damn late, hat man!" Stewie declared triumphantly. "You destroyed my machine, yes, but things have already been set in motion! The clouds have gained enough power to keep expanding on their own! And soon, the world shall be mine! Let it be known, all of you, that your efforts were all in vain! Ahahahahahaha!" he laughed.

For a moment, Keith was unsure what to do- he didn't understand Ledian language, after all. A moment later, however, a Luxury Ball on his belt burst open, and his blue-eyed Banette appeared. "I heard everything," Helena said urgently. "The machine's been destroyed, but the clouds are strong enough to keep growing on their own!"

"Well, that's not good!" Keith responded. "We... OK, we were able to fight them with Sunny Day earlier, right?" he said, getting a sudden idea. "That's it, then- alright, everybody, listen up!" Keith exclaimed, already plucking a Poké Ball and a Level Ball off his belt. "Send out everything you have that can use Sunny Day, and use it! If we all work together, we might be able to get rid of this Shadow Sky once and for all!" With that, he threw the balls into the air, sending out his Victreebel and Heatmor. "Alright," said Keith. "Goyle, Kyle, Helena, use Sunny Day right now!"


-With the battle having concluded, the focus now turns to clearing out the rapidly growing and strengthening Shadow Sky clouds. Send out any Pokémon you have on hand that knows Sunny Day and have it use it.

-If you do not have something that can use Sunny Day, you can still have a Pokémon use Helping Hand to assist. If you don't have anything with either move, you are encouraged to think of some other way to help. Be creative.

-Neither Stewie nor Ginny are in any fit shape to continue battling at this stage. No further effort is needed to restrain them.

-For anyone who might be wondering, GS has requested that I have Daphne use Explosion without Hyrem ordering the move.

-Nice battling all around, everyone.

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